Bone Growth Stimulators Market Is Predicted To Witness Rapid Growth By 2025

Asia-Pacific bone growth stimulators market is estimated to garner substantial proceeds owing to rising cases of hip fractures and growing elderly population. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), rise in life expectancy and ageing population are expected to make osteoarthritis the fourth major cause of disability by 2020. The condition is increasingly witnessed among elderly people who are prone to bone injuries. Expanding geriatric population is also likely to boost bone growth stimulator demand in the coming years.

A commendable increase in the number of clinical cases associated with bone injuries along with growing elderly population worldwide will fuel bone growth stimulators market size over 2019-2025. A bone growth stimulator is used to offer pain-free, electrical or ultrasound stimulation that promotes faster bone healing and growth. Increase in cases of osteoarthritis across the globe has led to surging demand for bone growth stimulators.

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Based on product type, external bone growth stimulators segment is anticipated to generate commendable revenues in the forecast period. External bone growth stimulators are portable, nonsurgical treatment offering devices that are designed specifically to promote healing of bone fractures that have failed to mend naturally.

Hip fractures in the elderly and adult population are also rising rapidly in the Indian subcontinent. For instance, in 2018, a study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research showed that over 69% of people aged between 38-68 in Delhi suffered from continuous bone loss and high risk of fractures. Meanwhile, reports from the George Institute estimates that, by 2020, almost 20% of the Indian population will be older than 60 years, while annual incidence of hip fractures will reach around 600,000, which will augment bone growth stimulators industry trends.

The organization’s bone growth stimulators represent an FDA-approved alternative to surgery for spinal healing and nonunion fractures that utilize pulsed electromagnetic fields for the stimulation of bone healing. STIM onTrack assists in the regulation of patients’ adherence to these stimulators.

The hospitals segment in the bone growth stimulators market held over 47 per cent of the total market revenue in 2018 and is projected to exhibit substantial growth through 2025. This is on account of the capability to cater to higher patient volumes, higher budget capacity, and the availability of a huge number of skilled medical professionals in hospital settings. Ambulatory surgical centers and hospitals are the prominent end-use segments of the industry.

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Chapter 5. Bone Growth Stimulators Market, By Application

5.1. Key segment trends

5.2. Spinal fusion surgeries

5.2.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

5.3. Delayed union & nonunion bone fractures

5.3.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

5.4. Oral and maxillofacial surgeries

5.4.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

5.5. Others

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Chapter 6. Bone Growth Stimulators Market, By End-use

6.1. Key segment trends

6.2. Hospitals

6.2.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

6.3. Ambulatory Surgical Centers

6.3.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

6.4. Others

6.4.1. Bone Growth Stimulators Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025 (USD Million)

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