The business landscape of aerial imaging market is set to witness exceptional future growth prospects, with mobile robot technology proliferating every possible industry vertical and causing a paradigm shift. Being considered as an essential and cost-effective tool for a myriad of applications, aerial imaging technology has made its presence felt in the range of industrial verticals spanning real estate, military & defense, agriculture, government, and energy & mining operations. On grounds of such a broad application portfolio, experts forecast a rather lucrative blueprint for the worldwide market in the years ahead. Having recently enrolled its name into the billion-dollar fraternity, market for the year 2017 has secured USD 1.7 billion, say reliable reports.

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With perpetual technological advancement trends improving the base speed of image processing software, the global aerial imaging market is expected to undeniably evolve at an unprecedented pace. The notable shift, however, is witnessed in the hardware, where advanced sensors and compact technology have made aerial imaging more pronounced and easier than ever before. Aerial imaging has been proving its mettle across wide range of applications and user groups but the one sector that is attracting a plethora of investment trends is agriculture. With the advent of IoT, digitization, and the evolving concept of smart farming, aerial imaging in agriculture is gaining immense popularity and is helping the industry thrive, having been bestowed with the potential to offer data collection & high precision farming.

Thanks to the concept of drones making rapid headways into farming techniques, agriculturalists are adopting aerial imaging into their operation more than ever to cut down on expenses, increase overall efficiency and enhance work safety. Aerial imagery in this discipline has evolved much more than a consumer tool where farmers are able to significantly map different parameters such as soil health, fertility levels, vegetation health, scheduling of irrigation, fertilizers, and pesticides and in-season analysis. Given the numerous benefits, the aerial imaging market demand from agricultural industry is expected to witness high growth in the ensuing years.

Increasing availability of affordable aerial imaging solutions such as drones or UAVs across emerging economies could accelerate the demand for aerial imaging solutions in the Asia Pacific. Reports suggest that the aerial imaging market of Asia Pacific could register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 16% within the projected timeline.

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North America has been one of the early adopters of advanced aerial imaging systems. The technology is majorly used to monitor and seek ways to enhance productivity in the agricultural sector. Estimates suggest that the region could record a major market share, almost 42%, within the forecast timeframe. Governments in the region have been pouring huge investments in drone technologies to strengthen the defense and military operations.

Shifting preference of U.S. farmers toward new-age precision agriculture techniques could enhance the adoption of aerial photography in the country. The United States also houses the USGS (Geological Survey Woods) Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center that offers aerial imaging solutions and UAS services to researchers and scientists.

The aerial imaging business landscape is highly competitive. It is fueled by constant technological innovations in sensor technologies and drone systems. Industry participants are focusing on forming strategic alliances with key players to maintain a competitive edge over similar players. Taking February 2020 for instance, Vexcel Imaging, the high-end aerial camera and software firm, joined forces with Qumulo and HPE to store large-format images on a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Chapter 5.   Aerial Imaging Market, By Platform

5.1.  Aerial imaging market key takeaways, by platform

5.2.  Fixed-wing aircraft

5.2.1. Fixed-wing aircrafts market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2024

5.3.  Helicopter

5.3.1. Helicopter market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2024

5.4.  UAV/drone

5.4.1. UAV/drone market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2024

5.5.  Other platforms

5.5.1. Other platforms market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2024

Chapter 6.   Aerial Imaging market, By Imaging Type

6.1.  Aerial imaging market key takeaways, by imaging type

6.2.  Vertical imaging

6.2.1. Vertical imaging market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2024

6.3.  Oblique imaging

6.3.1. Oblique imaging market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2024

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