The aircraft ignition system market is predicted to garner considerable growth on account of increasing demand for electronic ignition systems. Compact size of these ignition systems makes them ideal for different types of aircraft engines. Manufacturers are working on enhancing these system’s operational accuracy, which could propel product significance.

Aircraft makers have recognized the importance of quality ignition systems and are actively looking for developing systems that are compact, inexpensive, and lightweight. Federal agencies meanwhile are imposing safety and regulatory reforms over product quality like airworthiness approvals. Citing an instance, the FAA requires every aircraft to pass its Airworthiness Directives (ADs). These directives focus on correcting unsafe conditions in aircraft components like propellers, appliances, or engine.

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In the year 2019, the aircraft ignition system market share from spark plug segment secured a market share of more than USD 38 million. Spark plugs are one of the most important parts of the engine ignition system and a fault may lead to an engine failure.  In 2020, the EIS41000 series introduced by Electroair gained EASA certification. The series will enhance fuel efficiency and reduce cases of faults in the spark plug. The quality certification from EASA ensures an extended life span and improves the operational efficiency of the component. 

A major factor that has supplemented growth in aircraft ignition system deployment is the wide penetration of major aircraft and component manufacturers like Airbus, GE Aviation, Bombardier, and Boeing. These companies are constantly investing in R&D to improve product offerings as well as support technological competitiveness in developed countries like the U.S. and Canada. In December 2019, the total backlog for Boeing was at 5,625, that was 339 less than the previous year.

By the end of 2026, the turbine engine segment was expected to capture over 90% of the overall aircraft ignition system market share. The high market penetration of turbine engines is due to the wide application scope of the product.  There are various kinds of turbine engines available in the market that are used for aircrafts types like narrow body and wide body.

The commercial aircrafts have witnessed unprecedented demand in the past years due to the increase in flying frequencies as well the improved purchasing power among people. Moreover, growth in YoY aircraft deliveries has supported growth in the market. In the year 2019, Airbus delivered nearly 863 aircrafts, 63 units more than the previous year.

Aircraft ignition system providers have regularly carried out the development of new products, collaborated with aircraft manufacturers and also received approval from various regulatory authorities to enhance brand value of the product. These were some of the key strategies adopted by the market players to achieve a competitive advantage.

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In July 2019, American aviation company- Lycoming unveiled an electronic ignition system with an aim to replace the traditional magnetos. The new electronic ignition system had no moving parts and has dimensions similar to the conventional magnetos. Global aircraft ignition system marlet is fairly consolidated with prominent market players like Electroair, Meggitt, Transdigm, Woodward, and Sky Dynamics, among various others.

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Chapter 6. Aircraft Ignition System Market, By Engine Type

6.1.  Key trends, by engine type

6.2.  Turbine engine

6.2.1. Aircraft ignition system market estimates and forecast, 2015 - 2026

6.3.  Reciprocating engine

6.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2015 - 2026

Chapter 7. Aircraft Ignition System Market, By End-Use

7.1.  Key trends, by end-use

7.2.  Fixed wing

7.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2015 - 2026

7.3.  Rotary wing

7.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2015 - 2026

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