Business Intelligence market is witnessing exponential growth across various global markets due to its extraordinary benefits. It helps users access business data and further perform queries to produce industry insights. Companies have begun rolling-out BI tools to manage their huge data sets with greater volumes and varieties. Various global companies serving this field are increasingly working towards evolution of their BI product offerings. An instance of this was observed recently when, Athena, a US-based software company specializing in data visualization, aggregation and team connectivity to organize organizations’ data to drive their growth, reportedly launched Athena®, a next-gen self-service data visualization and BI (Business Intelligence) platform. The company’s analytics are augmented with the RTAM (Real-Time Adaptive Data Mining) engine, a capability which is patented by Rule 14, an AI (artificial intelligence) company. By using the RTAM engine, the company’s clients obtain access to AI-based insights immediately, without depending on a data scientist. When the user describes a topic of interest, the RTAM engine queries potentially related proprietary and open data channels automatically, in combination with organization data, and further projects actionable insights, like links, exceptions and predictions in information which is relevant to clients without needing them to write algorithms or build models. Users can explore their data effortlessly prior to aggregating from disparate silos in a centralized data warehouse. Additionally, Athena’s users would now be capable of transforming data formulaically into strong data objects to do subsequent dashboarding. CEO of Athena, Jito Chadha stated that the company is thrilled to launch the Athena platform. The company offers a solution that would enable organizations to effortlessly aggregate their information and automate actionable insight and alert generation. Chadha added that the company already has more than 1,000 users on its platform from many different industries which includes banking, healthcare, security and insurance. Mina Lamey, Product Manager of Athena stated that Athena is an incredible BI tool, having a wide array of useful feature set designed into an intuitive and clean interface that enables technical and non-technical users to explore their respective data, generate smart visualizations and create reports. In an increasingly competitive Business Intelligence industry landscape that is populated with heavyweights such as Qlik, Domo, and Tableau, Athena’s RTAM engine stands out as it goes a step further to deliver unprecedented BI insights to clients. Source credit: