Blood Preparation Market Emerging Trends and Competitive Landscape Forecast To 2025

The global blood preparation market growth will largely be driven by the escalating prevalence of blood-related conditions and rising number of chronic diseases such as cirrhosis among baby boomers. As per reports, nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide die from severe conditions caused by thrombosis, a formation of blood clot. Thrombosis causes more deaths which are greater than the total number of people who die due to breast cancer, AIDS, and motor vehicle crashes combined each year.

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In terms of product type, the anti-thrombotic and anticoagulants market is projected to depict substantial growth during the forecast timeframe. It is likely to acquire an overall market share of USD 30 billion by 2025, owing to the rising prevalence of cardiovascular conditions comprising peripheral artery disease, acute coronary syndrome, atrial fibrillation and venous thrombotic condition.

In terms of application spectrum, the thrombocytosis segment is expected to gain a considerable market share perhaps attributing to growing incidences of thrombocytosis. Patients with chronic kidney diseases have a higher risk of suffering from thrombosis and need anticoagulants for treatment.

Japan blood preparation market is also projected to record a valuation of USD 4 billion by 2025 due to rising geriatric population and several government initiatives for approvals regarding supply of blood. For instance, the Japanese Red Cross Society, government affiliated organization is dedicated to improve safety of blood products and ensure stable supply of blood.

Extensive investment by the leading companies in the development of antithrombotic and oral anticoagulant drugs will create ample growth opportunities for the market. The global blood preparation market is comprised of Johnson and Johnson, Bayer, AstraZeneca, Aralez Pharmaceuticals, Leo Pharma, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Daiichi Sankyo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and GlaxoSmithKline, among others. These firms are investing in R&D activities to come up with innovative and more effective anticoagulants and anti-thrombotic solutions.

The existence of several initiatives undertaken by the Japanese government to maintain the availability and secure supply of blood and the ever-growing geriatric population base are some major factors providing tremendous growth opportunities to blood preparation industry players in the region. Japan’s blood preparation market is expected to grow considerably in the coming years, reaching an annual valuation of more than US$4 billion by 2025.

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Chapter 5. Blood Preparation Market, By Application

5.1. Key segment trends

5.2. Thrombocytosis

5.2.1. Market size, by region, 2014 - 2025

5.3. Pulmonary embolism

5.3.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025

5.4. Renal impairment

5.4.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025

5.5. Angina blood vessel complications

5.5.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025

5.6. Others

5.6.1. Market size, by region, 2014 – 2025

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FIG. 1 Industry segmentation

FIG. 2 Global blood preparation market, 2014- 2025 (USD Million)

FIG. 3 Growth potential analysis, product

FIG. 4 Growth potential analysis, by application

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FIG. 7 PESTEL analysis

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