Defense Ground Support Equipment Market Analysis 2026: Key Technologies and Innovations

The defense ground support equipment market is expected to witness promising growth owing to rising military expenditure and upsurge demand for combat-ready aircraft. Technological advancements in the aviation sector and upgradation of existing aircraft fleets have fueled the demand for advanced ground support equipment.

There has been an unprecedented demand for defense aircrafts from APAC countries like China, India, and South Korea. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies, ground support equipment manufacturers have effectively enhanced the support for special mission aircraft and next-generation fighter jets.

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Rising cross border terrorism and disputes between nations is intensifying the need for robust defense systems, hence creating lucrative growth opportunities for defense ground support equipment market. Growing demand for combat ready aircraft within minimum timeframe is driving technological advancement, which has facilitated the development of defense aircrafts with advanced functionality.

For reducing ground support operation, most of the next-gen aircrafts are now equipped with additional systems. For instance, the Rafale fighter jet introduced in 2001 by Dassault Systems is being continuously modified to increase its indigenous operational capabilities. The latest upgrade includes OBOGS (on-board oxygen generation system), a built-in APU (auxiliary power unit) and optronics, which is cooled by a closed-loop nitrogen circuit. All these additions help in eliminating the requirement of liquid oxygen re-filling ground support equipment.

Increasing investment by the governments of multiple countries towards R&D activities along with contracts for manufacturing next-gen defense aircraft and support equipment will positively impact defense ground support equipment market expansion. Major manufacturers are coming up with new technologies to support next-gen fighter jets and special mission aircraft.

To reduce support operation cost, demand for advanced ground support equipment is increasing, which is being further supported by government funding and contracts. For instance, Aviation Ground Equipment Corporation bagged a contract from the United States Air Force in 2018 to provide diesel-powered multi-output Ground Power Unit for supporting the JSF F-35 program. The new GPU can provide voltage ranging from 72 kilowatt to 28.5 VDC for all types of aircraft. The new units require less maintenance, are easy to operate, and fulfill all the requirements for military standards.

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Constant upgradation of combat aircraft is leading to heavy requirement for technologically advanced support equipment. Manufacturers in the aircraft industry are investing heavily in the development of next-gen equipment to support new aircraft. This can be illustrated by the example of Lockheed Martin’s new 5TH generation F-35A, which requires a much more advanced support equipment than the conventional combat aircraft.

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Chapter 6 Defense Ground Support Equipment Market, By Type

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6.2   Fixed

6.2.1 Fixed market size, 2015-2026

6.3   Mobile

6.3.1 Mobile market size, 2015-2026

Chapter 7 Defense Ground Support Equipment Market, By Power Type

7.1   Key trends, by power type

7.2   Diesel

7.2.1 Diesel market size, 2015-2026

7.3   Electric

7.3.1 Electric market size, 2015-2026

7.4   Hybrid

7.4.1 Hybrid market size, 2015-2026

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