DENSO, an automotive components manufacturer, has reportedly entered a partnership with Aeva, a LiDAR & perception systems startup. The agreement was signed with an objective to develop next-gen sensing and perception systems for the mass vehicle market.

With the latest partnership, the two companies will focus on advancing the FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) LiDAR, a groundbreaking solution that can measure velocity, reflectivity, and depth. The LiDAR technology plays an important role in the functioning of the autonomous driving and advanced driver-assistance systems. As the partnership progresses, DENSO will be able to combine its expertise in sensing technology and commercialization with the proprietary technology of Aeva to further strengthen FMCW LiDAR as well as enhance perception systems in the future.

Founded by Mina Rezk and Soroush Salehian, former Apple engineers, in 2017, Aeva has been developing a novel LiDAR technology by using FMCW. FMCW LiDAR, unlike TOF LiDAR, can detect an object’s distance and direction from the vehicle as well as measure its moving speeds. These capabilities will enable the technology to detect the moving objects near the vehicle, such as bicycles and pedestrians, at high speed and accuracy.

Presently, most LiDAR systems deploy the TOF (Time of Flight) method to ensure successful operation. This method can accurately detect the direction and distance of objects by emitting the pulse laser beams as well as measuring the time taken to receive these reflected beams. This can lead to the detection of the objects’ positions around these advanced vehicles at high-resolution.

Furthermore, the deal will support the target of DENSO to curb traffic accidents and help realize the freedom of mobility. In order to achieve this, the company will focus on developing technologies that increase road safety, such as automated driving and advanced driver assistance systems. It will also collaborate with private and public partners to innovate solutions that will aid in detecting driver health and measuring their skills.

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