Endorsed by a barrage of tech benefactors, EMEA container technology market stands to gain substantial remuneration from myriad end-use domains in the coming years. As container technology has emerged to be a preferred alternative to virtual machines among the regional infrastructure providers, the growth prospect of EMEA container technology industry is forecast to be exponential over the coming years. A recent report put forth by Global Market Insights, Inc., claims overall market to cross a valuation of USD 2.4 billion by 2024. Substantially being driven by a plethora of factors such as expanding IT sector, subsequent increase in data volume and their storage demand, and increasing penetration of cloud computing technology, the regional industry is disrupting the traditional operation model across myriad end-user sectors. Perpetually acclaimed companies harnessing smart technologies are readily investing in EMEA container technology market, given the fact that Europe and MEA are considered to be two of the potential tech hubs.

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For instance, as per a latest news snippet, BISON, one of the most acclaimed container technology giants, has chosen Europe to showcase its new portable container lift system. Reportedly, this absolutely innovative state-of-the-art lifting system would be unveiled at Intermodal Europe spanning between 28th to 30th November 2017. Considering the fact that traditional container handling equipment are comparatively much bigger, heavier, and more expensive, BISON’s portable compact system would prove to be a viable economic alternative for the regional logistic operators, contractors, and equip importers for lifting heavy containers in any location, cite experts. In fact, as per analysts – BISON’s C-Lift system that got launched back in August will bring a disruptive trend in the entire EMEA container technology industry.

The appreciable popularity of container technology since the last few years can be majorly attributed to the increasing demand for improving scalability, developer efficiency, resource utilization, and supporting microservice architectures. Since for a decade now, this ground-breaking technology has been increasingly utilized as a software development approach in which pieces of codes are packaged in a standardized way so that they can be integrated seamlessly in any operating system.  As a matter of fact, the extensive utilization of cloud-based and on-premise deployment models is leaving an unparalleled impact on the overall EMEA container technology industry share. In this regard, it has been observed that Europe based organizations are relying more on on-premise deployment model, while some of the startups in EMEA container technology market are also looking forward to switching to cloud-based models, subject to its scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Speaking of the commercialization potential of EMEA container technology industry, it is imperative to mention that docker technology is taking the overall business space by storm, unveiling its unique ability to create self-sufficient lightweight containers from any kind of applications. With the increasing focus on containerizing enterprise applications by emerging startups in Europe and MEA, Docker technology is claimed to be one of the remunerative avenues for the entire EMEA container technology market share, with a procurement of 75% and 70% in Europe and MEA respectively. Rkt based container technology market is also forecast to gain appreciable momentum with a projected CAGR of almost 38% in Europe market, subject to its enhanced ability to ensure container security.

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EMEA container technology industry has achieved quite some reputation over the recent years, primarily on account of extensive deployment of this technology by the regional infrastructure and technology providers. In this regard, experts claim that the competitive scenario in the business space is likely to get intense in the years ahead with renowned giants’ incessant effort to come up with viable alternatives to Docker containers, which presently encompass the majority of EMEA container technology marketplace. With more number of pivotal giants such as Microsoft, Mesosphere, AWS, ClusterHQ, IBM, and Joyent focusing toward deploying cloud-based data center services in their enterprise applications, the profitability quotient of EMEA container technology market is bound to escalate commendably in the ensuing years.


Chapter 3.   EMEA Container Technology Industry Insights

3.1.  Introduction

3.2.  Evolution of Containers

3.2.1. Containers vs Virtual Machines

3.3.  Advantages of Containerization

3.3.1. Platform Independence

3.3.2. Isolation

3.3.3. Resource Efficiency

3.3.4. Operational Simplicity

3.3.5. Enhanced Developer Productivity

3.3.6. Operational Simplicity

3.3.7. Enhanced Developer Productivity

3.3.8. High Availability

3.4.  Industry landscape, 2013 - 2024

3.5.  Industry ecosystem analysis

3.6.  Container architecture analysis

3.7.  Regulatory landscape

3.8.  Technology & innovation landscape

3.8.1.   Container-as-a-Service (CaaS)

3.8.2.   Collaborations and partnerships

3.8.3.   Container Security Tools

3.9.  Industry impact forces

3.9.1. Growth drivers     Environmental consistency     Robust growth of cloud technology in Europe     Adoption of containers for DevOps workflows     Containers for microservices

3.9.2. Industry pitfalls & challenges     Lack of trained professionals in the Middle East     Enforcing organizational controls and policies in EU

3.10.    Porter's analysis

3.11.       PESTEL analysis

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