Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee has reportedly called on manufacturers in the state to produce PPE (personal protection equipment) to safeguard healthcare workers.

Gov. Inslee has reportedly stated that nearly a million units of personal protection equipment have been distributed in Washington. However, the state is still short of the supplies while fighting the current pandemic. He has also expressed his belief that various professionals such as nurses, firefighters, and police officers, who puts their life on the line to serve the people amid various crisis, need to be protected. The recent manufacturing appeal for protective gears from the state governor would significantly serve its purpose.

Inslee further added that the federal government has been working on assisting the healthcare workers by supplying the ventilators. However, the current demand for supplies exceeds the quantity that has been provided. Therefore, he is calling for more supplies from manufacturers and business leaders. Apart from ventilators, other PPE supplies that are currently in high demand include face shields, surgical gowns, gloves, N95 masks, vials, saline solution, swab tests, and surgical masks. Gov. Inslee likened the current outbreak to the second World War and encouraged the everyone to fight endlessly against the virus by manufacturing the equipment required.

Dan Nordstrom of Outdoor Research also has joined Inslee in his call for support from the local manufacturers. The company has also committed to manufacturing nearly 100,000 masks to cater to the rising needs.

Additionally, Inslee also asked the National Guard to support the food banks, that are currently in need for assistance, partly because volunteers for the charitable organization are included in the profile for those at the potential risk of the virus, as they are not related to the enforced ‘Stay Home’ initiative. He is also currently unsure of the extension of Stay Home, Stay Healthy order in Washington.

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