Helicopter Blades Market Insights with statistics and Growth Prediction By 2025

The helicopter blades market is anticipated to witness sizable growth in the coming years, expanding at a notable CAGR due to a rising demand from the transportation and tourism sectors. Furthermore, increasing number of initiatives by industry players to push the urban mobility scene across the globe is also speculated to support business expansion in the future.

Recently, the market has garnered massive momentum owing to its growing significance in numerous fields, including space exploration. For instance, on 7th May 2021, NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter, the first helicopter to undertake extraterrestrial flight, successfully completed its fifth flight on the Red Planet.

The Ingenuity helicopter features four custom-made carbon-fiber blades that are arranged into two rotors spinning in opposite directions at about 2,400 rpm, which is a much faster speed than a passenger helicopter on Earth. These speeds are needed to keep the aircraft airborne in the planet’s unique atmospheric and gravitational conditions, which are unlike that of Earth.

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Based on material, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) segment is estimated to account for a considerable share in helicopter blades market in the future. Demands for CFRP can be attributed to its key characteristics like lower weight, higher stiffness, and superior strength to weight ratio. Manufacturers are also increasingly developing carbon-fiber blades to minimize production cost and improve operational margins.

For instance, in 2018, rotor-blade maker Van Horn Aviation exhibited its FAA-certified composite main and tail rotor blades, made from carbon-fiber skins & spars, foam cores, and replaceable abrasion strips for the Bell 206L Long Ranger helicopter, claiming service life of the composite blades to be two to four times more than their metal counterparts.

Rising technological advancements in the blade manufacturing industry and growing adoption of carbon-fiber reinforced plastic will further bolster market size. In 2019, a joint venture program between Thermwood and Bell developed the world’s largest 3D printed autoclave tool for helicopters which are estimated to produce helicopter blade molds that meet Bell’s tooling requirements.

Helicopter blades market may to accrue significant returns from the military sector. Increase in defense spending and rising military budget worldwide will positively influence industry trends. Rise in number of advanced combat helicopters orders is expected to supplement market share. According to credible reports, around 500 helicopters are expected to be delivered to eastern European countries by 2030, creating opportunities for U.S. manufacturers. While, in 2019, the German government released its tender for military helicopter which includes procurement of 45-60 choppers by 2023 and beyond.

The Russian Federation has also motivated many nations to increase military spending on defense helicopters. In 2019, the Russian defense ministry awarded 46 contracts worth over $16 billion to local industry, included orders for 98 Mil Mi-28NM attack helicopters that are anticipated to be completed in 2021. Investments such as these in the military sector will in turn augment helicopter blades market size over 2019-2025.

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North America helicopter blades market is anticipated to add impetus to the global revenue share, primarily due to the presence of key helicopter manufacturers like Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, Lockheed Martin and more. Increasing prominence of app-based, on-demand helicopter hailing services will supplement regional market growth.

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Chapter 4.    Helicopter Blades Market, By Application

4.1. Global market share by application, 2018 & 2025

4.1.1.  Military    Market estimates and forecast, 2013-2025    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2025

4.1.2.  Civil    Market estimates and forecast, 2013-2025    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2025

Chapter 5.    Helicopter Blades Market, By Blade Location

5.1. Global market share by blade location, 2018 & 2025

5.1.1.  Main Rotor Blade    Market estimates and forecast, 2013-2025    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2025

5.1.2.  Tail Rotor Blade    Market estimates and forecast, 2013-2025    Market estimates and forecast, by region, 2013-2025

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