CyberMaxx, a top cybersecurity operations service provider for healthcare companies, and Logi Analytics, a renowned embedded analytics solution provider for software teams, have reportedly announced a new partnership deal that would see Logi integrate its Logi Info into the MAXX Data Defense Systems, CyberMaxx’s managed security solutions and services suite. CyberMaxx would launch new data analytics capabilities from November 2nd, 2020.

Today, advanced data analytics has become highly important for cybersecurity operation teams of any company, irrespective of size, as the number of cyberattacks is increasing y-o-y for all businesses. For MSSPs such as CyberMaxx, effective reporting and visualizations are crucial to ensure that its security services are up to date so that its customers can make rapid decisions and decrease the chances of a security breach.

Integrating Logi Info with CyberMaxx will help the company improve its date reporting and analytics capabilities while simultaneously allowing it to hold onto the technological flexibility which has marked the firm as an effective cybersecurity partner to companies for more than 15 years.

Logi Analytics CMO, Brett Hansen stated that companies are facing an increasing number of cyber threats, and the MSSPs that are responsible for protecting these companies cannot afford to lose their knowledge advantage, or else security breaches would continue.

Hansen further added that with the Logi Symphony services suite, which also comprises of Logi Info, CyberMaxx would now be capable of embedding strong data analytics, visualization, and reporting capabilities within its MAXX managed services suite, helping its security team and clients with actionable data insights and threat visibility that are spells out the difference between business disruption and partner safety.

CEO of CyberMaxx, Thomas Lewis, stated that the company is always working towards effectively addressing its clients‘ needs and offer the most comprehensive service in the market. The 99% customer retention rate works as proof of the company’s efforts.

Lewis further added that the collaboration with Logi and the integrated force of Logi and CyberMaxx teams has given birth to a data analytics platform that is highly innovative with strong dashboards that would help the firm’s clients avoid expensive breaches.

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