Microsurgery Robot Market Growth Forecast and Competitive Analysis Report To 2026

The microsurgery robot market is projected to attain remarkable revenue growth in view of rapid technological advancements in the field of medical science. Growing inclination towards creating innovative microsurgery devices that are capable of undertaking complex surgeries could massively enhance the product demand in the future. Surging demand for minimally invasive surgeries owing to its notable benefits like quick recovery time could positively impact business outlook.

Growing prevalence of chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke, neurological disorders, and diabetes could drive the need for surgical procedures. Additionally, rising adoption of sedentary lifestyle and associated unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption and smoking might enhance the risk of contracting severe diseases. 

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Endorsing a huge application base, the global microsurgery robot market is expected to generate massive remuneration from the oncology surgery segment in the upcoming years. In fact, it was reported that the sector acquired a fair share of 20% in 2019 and is looking forward to garnering significant gains, mainly due to the product’s massive use in cancer treatment. That said, it would be safe to declare that rising cases of cancer would offer a positive boost to the demand for microsurgery robots. As a matter of fact, WHO statistics cite that nearly 9.6 million deaths due to chronic cancers were recorded worldwide in 2018 alone. Such daunting numbers have instigated the need for robots for oncology surgeries, subsequently escalating the segmental valuation.

Microsurgery robots are finding immense application in oncological surgeries, cardiovascular surgeries, and neurological surgeries. This could compel facilities like hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to incorporate these devices for performing robotic-assisted surgical procedures. 

As mentioned, companies operating in the microsurgery robot market space are leaving no stone unturned to provide ample benefits of these products to their huge consumer base. Companies like Auris Health, Intuitive Surgical, Zimmer Biomet, and Medtronic amongst others engaging in diverse industry tactics to strengthen their product portfolio to gain a competitive edge in the overall business space.

Prominent players in the microsurgery robot market are Stryker, Intuitive Surgical, Medrobotics Corporation, Zimmer Biomet, Auris Health (Johnon & Johnson), Corindus Inc. (Siemens Healthineers), Smith & Nephew, Meerecompany, TransEnterix Surgical, Titan Medical, and Medtronic are concentrating on implementing a number of organic as well as inorganic growth strategies like product innovation, marketing campaigns and collaborations to advance their market presence.

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Partial Chapter of the Table of Content

Chapter 4   Microsurgery Robot Market, By Application

4.1    Key segment trends

4.2    Opthalmology surgery

4.2.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.3    Cardiovascular surgery

4.3.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.4    Neurovascular surgery

4.4.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.5    Gastrointestinal surgery

4.5.1    Microsurgery Robot Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.6    Obstetrics and gynecology surgery

4.6.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.7    Urology surgery

4.7.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.8    ENT surgery

4.8.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.9    Reconstructive surgery

4.9.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.10    Micro anastomosis

4.10.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

4.11    Ureterorenoscopy

4.11.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

Chapter 5   Microsurgery Robot Market, By End-use

5.1    Key segment trends

5.2    Hospitals and clinics

5.2.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

5.3    Ambulatory surgical centers

5.3.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

5.4    Research institutes

5.4.1    Market size, by region, 2015-2026 (USD Million)

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