Mitsubishi Power, a cutting-edge technology solutions provider, has reportedly received an order to upgrade the Makban Geothermal Power Plant located in Laguna, the Philippines.

The facility is currently adopting the new geothermal steam supply at the power station. Under the recent order, the company will deliver a new set of various steam turbine components, with the optimum design for Unit No. 1, to enhance the performance as well as minimize the geothermal steam consumption per unit output of power. The project is scheduled to be completed in 2021.

Owned by AP Renewables Inc., the Makban Geothermal Power Plant is a prominent developer of renewable energy in the Philippines. For the renovation project, Nagasaki Works of Mitsubishi Power will supply the new steam turbine components, while the local subsidiary of the company, MHI Power (Philippines) Plant Services Corporation, will offer the on-site installation services. AP Renewables has rated the superior steam turbine technology from Mitsubishi Power that enables high-performance upgrades and ensures full compatibility with the existing facilities, which has led to this order.

Out of all the different forms of renewable energy that emit negligible CO2 during power generation, geothermal power can be stably produced and is unaffected by weather and other conditions. Owing to these factors, geothermal power is considered a clean energy form that is expected to see expanded applications in other regions with abundant geothermal resources. However, there is a need to improve and repair the facilities and equipment to adapt to changes in the environment.

Mitsubishi Power has catered to the orders for above 100 projects for geothermal power in 13 countries. Additionally, the company holds a leading share in the geothermal power generating capacity across the globe, with more than 3,200-MW of the total plant capacity. It also has been providing strong after-sales services to ensure stable operation of the producers. Furthermore, it is planning to promote effective geothermal resource utilization and contribute to environmental conservation worldwide while ensuring a stable power supply.

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