Router and Switch Market Insights with statistics and Growth Prediction By 2022

Emerging technologies and digital transformation have far lifted router and switch market demand in the recent past. It is predominantly buoyed by the adoption of third platform technologies such as big data, cloud, mobility, internet enabled devices, and bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Apart from this, rising internet penetration along with growing IT spending have significantly spurred market size, which is projected to register an annual growth rate of 2.9% over 2015-2022.

Cisco, the leading market titan which grabbed over 67.5% of the overall router and switch market share in 2014, is likely to retain its market dominance over the coming years. The company has recently announced its acquisition with a network security startup - Observable Networks, which in turn will help Cisco to monitor and mitigate the anomalies related to security breaches. Furthermore, in 2012, Cisco acquired Meraki, who provided solutions to control Wi-Fi networks through cloud. The acquisition subsequently helped the company to forge calls with the data network, which further propelled the demand for Wi-Fi networks, in turn driving industry trends. This acquisition has profoundly benefited both the firms financially and strategically. In fiscal year 2017, Cisco’s WLAN revenue rose by 13% to USD 703 million and Meraki’s client base has taken a surge from 15,000 in 2012 to 140,000 in 2017, recording more than 1 million active networks.

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In the year 2014, the valuation of the ethernet service edge router industry stood at USD 9.62 billion. Combined with hardware and software, application-specific integrated circuits meet the demands of consumers pertaining to the cost of ownership, quality, scalability, and security requirements.

Increasing adoption of BYOD policies is expected to magnify the demand of advanced routers and switches for offering several benefits like cost reduction, improved productivity, and employee satisfaction.

An increase in mobile data traffic due to the increase in the number of people owning cellphones, in both developed as well as developing countries, have supported the demand for router and switches globally. The gradual emergence and roll-out of highly developed networks like 3G, 4G, and LTE has further bolstered the adoption of advanced networking components.

Internet exchange routers have gained considerable demand and its market was valued at USD 13.04 billion during the year 2014. The escalating demand for the product is attributed to its property of being the foundation of the internet.

Organizations world over are increasingly migrating their business to digital platforms which have escalated the need for a reliable and strong network infrastructure that can ease the accessibility of data inside the network.  The companies are witnessing a strain on their network systems owing to the sudden rise in the need for connectivity along with the growing amount of corporate information resources. These developments will drive the deployment of router and switch services. 

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U.K. router and switch market has registered enormous gains over the last few years due to increasing investments made towards backhaul. For instance, on the 8 October 2020, Three U.K.- a British telecommunications and internet service provider, as a part of its network transformation strategy signed an agreement with Colt Technology for fiber backhaul connectivity solutions.

The partnership forms part of a USD 2.35 billion investment to transform the telecom giant’s customer experience by increasing the 4G speed by up to 150 percent along with offering the fastest 5G network across U.K. Colt technology is believed to be offering 20 times more backhaul capacity to provide the customers with better, faster and reliable experience.

Prominent router and switch market players include Huawei Technologies, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE Corporation, Juniper Networks, and Cisco Systems among various others.

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Chapter 4.    Router and Switch Market, Product Insights    

4.1.    Internet Exchange Router

4.1.1.    Global router and switch market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

4.2.    Service Provider Core Router

4.2.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

4.3.    Multiservice Edge Router

4.3.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

4.4.    Ethernet Service Edge Router

4.4.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

4.5.    ATM Switch

4.5.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

Chapter 5.    Router and Switch Market, Service Insights     

5.1.    BRAS

5.1.1.    Global router and switch market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

5.2.    Ethernet Aggregation

5.2.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

5.3.    Ethernet Access

5.3.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

5.4.    Internet Data Center/Collocation/Hosting

5.4.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

5.5.    Others

5.5.1.    Global market estimates and forecasts by region, 2012 – 2022

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