Solar PV Backsheet Market Report to 2024 - Trends, Demand and Growth Projections

Fluoropolymers solar PV backsheet market is predicted to witness significant growth owing to its unit longevity and early adoption. Better insulation and higher efficiency are some of the key underlined parameters which will make its adoption preferable among developers over other alternates.

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Solar PV Backsheet Market is predicted to exceed USD 2.3 billion by 2024.Increasing installation of roof top systems across residential and commercial establishments will propel the industry growth. Introduction of several initiatives including subsidies, FIT, net metering, funding and leveraging schemes will promote the deployment of roof top unit. Moreover, microgrid expansion to fulfill the growing off grid electricity demand will further positively impact the business landscape. In 2016, under solar rooftop investment program, Asian Development Bank announced to invest more than USD 500 million to promote the PV systems deployment in India.

Advancement in technology to improve production efficiency and reduce the PV component price has increased the demand for deployments of solar units across residential & commercial buildings which will propel the solar PV backsheet market share. Growing demand for renewable technologies has compelled the manufacturers to improve product efficiency by increasing investment towards technological research and development sector.

Low product cost and increasing PV installation across small scale applications will propel the solar PV backsheet market share from < 100 micrometer. Growing focus toward operational flexibilities and improving unit efficiencies will boost the product demand. Increasing adoption of cost efficient and cost-effective PV modules across rooftop installations will further positively impact the solar PV backsheet market.

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Favorable measures to promote the development & deployment of solar technology will stimulate the Middle East & Africa market. Introduction of several regulatory framework and national targets to encourage the deployment of PV units will further complement the regional solar PV backsheet market.

U.S. solar PV backsheet market share is predicted to witness growth owing to establishing renewable energy mix. The industry has been economically competitive and rapidly maturing across the country when compared with other available counterparts. In 2016, according to the U.S. department of energy, photovoltaic jobs increased by 123% from 2010, registering for more than 209,000 workforces.

UK solar PV backsheet market is predicted to exceed USD 90 million by 2014. Favorable measures towards integration of renewable generation technologies will propel the industry growth. Tariff reforms, tax rebates and feed in tariff are some of the incentives which will positively impact the adoption of renewable technologies. Introduction of several national plans to reduce carbon emissions will further complement the business landscape.

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Latin America market share is predicted to witness growth over 14% by 2024 owing to introduction of several incentives including feed in tariff, incentives and tax credits. Moreover, market-based incentives, investment funds, simplified compensation schemes and soft costs will further positively impact the industry landscape.

Key player in solar PV backsheet market includes Coveme, Toyo Aluminium, Taiflex, Toray, Astenik, Isovoltaic, Arkema, Madico, Krempel, ZTT International, DuPont, 3M, Hangzhou, Targray and Dunmore.