Solid Waste Management Market by Segmentation along with Regional Outlook, Competitive Strategies, Factors Contributing to Growth

Solid waste management market share is expected to surpass about 28 billion tons by 2026. There has been a major demand for solid waste management expanding all the way to commercial, residential and industrial areas to address public health issues and have encouraged several government mandates.

Government and various authorities have laid down strict mandates and regulations for the reduction of any illegal dumping. This has been primarily attributed to the rising shift in the focus on recycling techniques as well as resource recovery that will help create a lucrative growth scenario for solid waste management service providers in the coming years.

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For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had introduced the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) that has its goal focused on reducing the open dumping of waste besides managing the hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. Authorities have also introduced various sustainability mechanisms in both treatments of wastes and disposal ecosystems that shall contribute to the business outlook.

Rapid increase in urbanization has burdened the present treatment facilities for municipal wastes, driving solid waste management market outlook over the years. As per the 2019 reports by the World Bank, more than half of the world population resides in cities and will witness a two-fold increase by 2050.

Flourishing economy and a large scale of migration of people from the rural areas will help bolster the industry dynamics owing to a surge in the rates of the non-hazardous waste generation. The steadily escalating e-commerce industry has boosted the production of consumables that are related to cardboards.

Large quantities of paper waste that includes magazines, books, and newspapers have been growing over time and more prominently in both tier 2 and tier-3 cities. This trend has been rendering a positive effect on solid waste management market size, primarily from the paperboard & paper segment. Various industry players like Waste Management Inc., Biffa Group and Waste Connections, among others have been working for the deployment of effective waste treatment infrastructure & facilities.

Major environmental hazards have caused direct or indirect risks towards the health of the public resulting in serious treatment initiatives taken for open dumping to decline. Countries with lower per capita income are often seen practicing these habits as there is a prominent absence of any proper control system. There have been major investment made by the government as well as non-profit organizations for various infrastructure & processes to reduce open dumping of solid wastes.

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Latin America solid waste management market size will be experiencing a significant increase with the steady growth in the urban population in the region. According to the 2018 reports by the UN-Habitat, the cities in Latin America will be composed of about 90% of the population of the region by the year 2050. Regional authorities will be making certain changes and shall restructure the regulatory framework to strengthen management practices, fueling the industry trends over the forecast timeframe.

Table of Contents (ToC) of the report:

Chapter 5            Global Solid Waste Management Market, By Treatment

5.1 Global solid waste management market share by treatment, 2019 & 2026

5.2 Open dumping

5.2.1 Global market from open dumping, 2015 - 2026

5.2.2 Global market from open dumping, by region, 2015 - 2026

5.3    Disposal

5.3.1 Global market from disposal, 2015 - 2026

5.3.2 Global market from disposal, by region, 2015 - 2026

5.3.3    Landfill Global market from landfill, 2015 - 2026 Global market from landfill, by region, 2015 - 2026

5.3.4    Recycling Global market from recycling, 2015 - 2026 Global market from recycling, by region, 2015 - 2026

5.3.5    Incineration/Combustion Global market from incineration/combustion, 2015 - 2026 Global market from incineration/combustion, by region, 2015 - 2026

5.3.6    Composting & AD Global market from composting & AD, 2015 - 2026 Global market from composting & AD, by region, 2015 - 2026

Chapter 6Global Solid Waste Management Market, By Material

6.1 Global solid waste management market share by material, 2019 & 2026

6.2 Paper & paperboard

6.2.1 Global market from paper & paperboard, 2015 - 2026

6.2.2 Global market from paper & paperboard, by region, 2015 - 2026

6.3    Metals

6.3.1 Global market from metals, 2015 - 2026

6.3.2 Global market from metals, by region, 2015 - 2026

6.4    Plastics

6.4.1 Global market from plastics, 2015 - 2026

6.4.2 Global market from plastics, by region, 2015 - 2026

6.5    Food

6.5.1 Global market from food, 2015 - 2026

6.5.2 Global market from food, by region, 2015 - 2026

6.6    Textile

6.6.1 Global market from textile, 2015 - 2026

6.6.2 Global market from textile, by region, 2015 - 2026

6.7    Others

6.7.1 Global market from others, 2015 - 2026

6.7.2 Global market from others, by region, 2015 - 2026

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