Tactical Communications Market By 2024; Growth Forecast & Industry Share Report

The tactical communications market is projected to garner sizable growth on account of large-scale industrial and construction activities commenced worldwide. Tactical communication devices play a vital role in facilitating communication between different departments across construction sites. They help in canceling excess noise and delivering clear messages to site workers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sounds above 85 dB could cause physical damage to people. Meanwhile, the noise generated in mining, aviation and construction sites generally racks up to 90dB.

Several countries around the world are initiating supportive regulations to safeguard their workforce from physical injuries like hearing loss. For example, in the UK, the “Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005” ensures protection of worker's hearing from loud sounds and noise levels. According to the norm, employers are prohibited to expose their employees to an environment that has more than 87 dB noise levels.

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The massive influence of M&As are vividly evidenced from the revenue landscape of tactical communications market. Citing an instance, Acorn Growth Companies, a key player across venture capital & private equity business, recently declared the acquisition of CIS secure computing incorporation, a U.S. IT service provider. Through this acquisition, Acorn is expected to further expand its services across the aerospace & defense sector.

Tactical communications are widely deployed across public safety, construction, industrial, and aviation sectors. Escalating product demand from the defense personnel and law enforcement agencies is anticipated to promote industry trends across the public safety sector. Companies have also been attempting to introduce novel products, which would further create a profitable avenue for tactical communications market.

U.S. tactical communications market is also set to witness an immense expansion in the ensuing years, driven by the high budget allocation for the procurement of military communications & electronics products and the implementation of stringent legislations by OSHA. Given that U.S. contributed substantially toward market share in in 2016, it is forecast that the region would have renewed growth prospects in the ensuing years as well.

Another significant growth avenue for market is MEA, driven by warlike conditions and internal conflicts arising in the countries such as Syria and Nigeria. In addition, the escalated spending on communication headset devices would also contribute substantially toward the growth of MEA market.

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Asia Pacific is considered to be a lucrative ground for tactical communication companies owing to the rapid growth of the manufacturing and industrial sector, especially across China and India. The region has a rich presence of low-cost raw materials and labor, making it ideal for 3PL and outsourced manufacturing activities.

There is a high demand for tactical communication equipment in power plants, oil refineries, can manufacturing and automotive manufacturing companies to facilitate effective communication between employees.

Major Key Points from Table of Content:

Chapter 4.   Tactical Communications Market, By Product

4.1.  Global market share by product, 2016 & 2024

4.2.  Headsets

4.2.1. Headsets market, by region, 2013-2024

4.3.  PMR

4.3.1. PMRs market, by region, 2013-2024

Chapter 5.   Tactical Communications Market, By Application

5.1.  Global market share by application, 2016 & 2024

5.2.  Industrial

5.2.1. Industrial application market, by region, 2013-2024

5.3.  Aviation

5.3.1. Aviation application market, by region, 2013-2024

5.4.  Construction

5.4.1. Construction application market, by region, 2013-2024

5.5.  Public safety

5.5.1. Public safety application market, by region, 2013-2024

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