• This takeover marks VMware’s second acquisition after Bitfusion a few weeks ago.
  • Integration of Uhana’s technology into its portfolios is expected to reform VMware in various ways.
VMware Inc, (VMware) a publicly traded software company, has reportedly declared its plan to takeover Silicon Valley-based Uhana, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup that works towards optimization of network operations for several applications and mobile carriers. According to a VMware blog post, Uhana’s AI technology offers improved efficiency and decreased cost of network operations while facilitating a unique application experience in a market landscape where commoditization of mobile connectivity is occurring. The AI platform boasts of a “high-performance” stream-processing engine that is capable of processing network telemetry from a plethora of data sources to provide per-subscriber validity in the real-time. The AI system can be added for work into private as well as public cloud infrastructure. Moreover, the engine can also predict and discover anomalies and recommend an optimization plan in response automatically. VMware plans to combine Uhana’s technology with its own Edge Cloud and Telco Cloud portfolios, which are products that are focused at supporting telcos transition to virtualized and programmable 5G or 4G networks and also enhancing developing low latency apps like IoT, VR/AR, and cloud gaming. Additionally, VMware is also planning to integrate Uhana’s analytics and intelligence capabilities into its Smart Experience and Smart Assurance products to give customer insights and automate services. The EVP & GM of Telco and Edge Cloud at VMWare, Shekhar Ayyar stated, to facilitate a great and reliable user experience along with competitive economics, it is necessary for network service providers to automate the network operations and optimize applications directly to solve this issue quickly. Ayyar further added that the solution is an AI-based, application experience-management system and scalable network. This is VMware’s second takeover in recent weeks, the first being its takeover of Bitfusion, a company based in U.S. whose software system virtualizes hardware accelerators for various applications like ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays), and virtualized GPUs. Source Credit : https://www.crn.com.au/news/vmware-to-acquire-ai-startup-uhana-to-boost-telco-portfolio-528744