Wireless LAN controller market has witnessed two-folds growth in the past few years due to the growing business needs to manage the complex LAN infrastructure, along with the acceptance of cloud-based WLAN controllers to manage the network devices. The emerging trend of Bring Your Own Devices, which necessitates the availability of strong network security in companies, will support the global WLAN controller deployment in the coming times.

As per reports, the global wireless LAN controller market size may reach USD 3 billion in total annual remuneration by 2025.

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With respect to type, integrated WLAN controllers have gained considerable demand over the last decade. Manufacturers across the globe are combining the product with various network devices like routers and switches in order to allow entities to use a single device for monitoring and controlling the entire network ecosystem.

The integration of security functions like encryption into network devices and intrusion prevention will offer security for business-critical wireless LAN solutions.

WLAN controllers find extensive use in the transportation and logistics industry. the presence of an extremely reliable wireless connectivity plays an integral role in enhancing the communication process in the wide transportation and logistics sector. The e-commerce sector has widened the prospects for logistics, as an increasing amount of people depend on online purchases, especially during the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

To ensure a continuous flow of operations, the transportation and logistics giants use advanced network technologies that offer high-speed connectivity for enhancing wireless mobility and improve operational efficiency. Logistics entities are moving away from conventional wired networking systems to wireless connectivity options to support mobility across remote people and devices.

Large enterprises as customers for wireless LAN controller market accounted for a majority stake of more than 60% during the year 2018 and will continue to lead the market in the coming times. Extensive preference for BYOD in companies along with a rise in the use of networking devices like routers and access points to develop superior connectivity across the internal departments will support the market trends.

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The presence of a large number of wireless LAN controller market participants and large enterprises in North America is expected to drive the growth of the industry in the region. Indeed, North America industry is expected to grow as much as by 40% over 2019-2025. Though the advent of controller-less alternatives has emerged and giants like Cisco are apparently recognizing the importance of such developments for the future of WLAN, controller-based WLANs are not about to be irrelevant in the near future as they are deployed for a variety of enterprise mobility needs.

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Chapter 5. Wireless LAN Controller Market, By Type

5.1. Key trends, by type

5.2. Standalone

5.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

5.3. Integrated

5.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 – 2025

Chapter 6. Wireless LAN Controller Market, By Enterprise Size

6.1. Key trends, by enterprise size

6.2. Large enterprises

6.2.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 - 2025

6.3. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)/ Small Office/Home Office (SOHO)

6.3.1. Market estimates and forecast, 2014 - 2025

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