San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) has reportedly completed a second energy storage facility in San Diego.

The facility was inaugurated by SDG&E Vice President of Energy Innovation Miguel Romero, and SDG&E Senior Vice President of Customer Services and External Affairs Scott Crider along with local labor leaders. The new 80MWh/20MW facility can fulfill the energy needs of nearly 13,000 homes for nearly four hours.

Caroline Winn, the Chief Executive of SDG&E stated that it is crucial to invest in novel technologies like energy storage to ease attaining the aggressive climate goals of the state as well as the region. Winn added that the company is making progress with every project towards a safer, cleaner, and reliable future in energy.

The facility in Kearny is one of many SDG&E projects that will enable California to reach its goal of fully carbon-free electricity while reinforcing grid reliability during the summer. Last June, the company completed Top Gun Energy Storage, a 120MWh/30MW lithium-ion battery system. The plant can produce electricity sufficient to source 20,000 homes for nearly four hours.

Top Gun is linked to the CAISO (California Independent System Operator) market and can be sent by CAISO to support the needs of state-wide grids. The Kearny facility commenced commercial operation this month and will be available to deliver by CAISO. By the end of this year, SDG&E aims to have nearly 145 MW of owned storage linked to the regional grid.

Battery storage works by trapping renewable resources like solar and wind when they are sufficiently available during the day and sending that energy to the grid when needed during the night when the sun sets or in case of scarce energy supply during hot summer months.

For the record, SDG&E is a San Diego-based firm that offers safe, clean, and reliable energy to serve San Diego as well as southern Orange counties.

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