Alvogen and its partners are the first company to retail Vinorelbine softgel capsules in Europe which, according to IQVIA, posted a global sale of US$111 million last year. Alvogen, an American pharmaceutical company, has today announced that its subsidiary, Lotus Pharmaceuticals, has released Vinorelbine 80, 30 and 20mg soft capsules in Europe. As per sources, the product would work as an alternative to Navelbine®, an advanced breast cancer and NSCLC (non-small-cell lung cancer) treatment drug developed by Pierre Fabre Médicament, and would be its first generic version in Europe. Reliable reports cite that Vinorelbine is being registered in 23 markets and would be launched across Europe, including Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Romania, Portugal and Hungary. It is also said to be equivalent to Navelbine® in medicinal value. Speaking on the launch, Faysal Kalmoua, Executive Vice President of Portfolio, Alvogen, commented that the company is pleased with the first launch of Vinorelbine and is excited to lead the commercialization of this drug in Europe. Kalmoua claims that Vinorelbine constitutes another example of complex oral oncology product that Lotus pharmaceuticals has developed despite multiple complications like first to market, high potency containment manufacturing, bioequivalence study in cancer patients, softgel capabilities, Cytotoxic drug among others. He further said that their company offers a varied collection of complex medicines and that the addition of Vinorelbine softgel capsules would further enhance their oncology portfolio and strengthen its commitment to cancer patients. For the uninitiated, Alvogen is focused on manufacturing, developing and selling generic, over-the-counter brands (OTC) and biosimilar pharmaceuticals for patients all over the world. The company has operations in 35 countries and operates four manufacturing and development hubs in Romania, the U.S., Taiwan and Korea. Its high-quality drugs are used by millions of patients worldwide. Reportedly, Alvogen has a pipeline of in-house generic projects and unresolved regulatory applications across its technological sections of complex generics including value-added generics, soft gels, hormones and oral oncology portfolio. Source Credit: