First out of eleven similar patents submitted cover different drug combinations. Ares Genetics GmbH – a subsidiary of molecular diagnostic developer Curetis N.V. has reportedly been granted a patent from the European Patent Office (EPO) dubbed ‘Genetic Resistance Testing’. As per trusted sources, the patent covers biomarkers and biomarker combinations indicating resistance of Escherichia coli to numerous types of antibiotics and the use of such biomarkers and biomarker combinations to predict the resistance based on DNA testing. Reportedly, in September 2016, Curetis Group acquired GEAR database assets from Siemens, post which it became the owner of eleven similarly structured patents – the ‘Genetic Resistance Testing’ is the first of these. GEAR database is an integral part of Ares Genetics’ ARESdb that compiles high resolution information on the genetics of antimicrobial mechanism. Currently, ARESdb covers over 40,000 bacterial strains and data of over 100 antibiotics. The company uses ARESdb for products and services for the DNA-based prediction of antibiotic resistance in pharma industries and partners of public health. Following the ARESdb licensing for research use to QIAGEN in 2019, the global microbiology research community is anticipated to gain access to ARESdb via QIAGEN Microbial AR bioinformatics knowledgebase. Dr. Andreas Posch, MD & CEO, Ares Genetics, reportedly said that the offered EPO patent, validates their firm’s approach to generate proprietary and an insight into the genetics of antimicrobial mechanism with ARESdb. He said that the genetic profiles obtained from ARESdb will grant unmatched precision in the molecular prediction of drug response and open options for DNA testing in the field of infectious diseases. For the record, ARESdb and ARES Technological Platform is covered by 19 patents in various stages of review, submission and approval that covers biomarkers, bioinformatics algorithms and laboratory workflows. It also constitutes for one of the broadest and most symmetrical IP portfolios in the space. About Curetis N.V. The company aims on becoming the leading provider of advanced and innovative solutions for microbiological diagnostics designed to address the global issue of detecting unmet diseases and identifying antibiotic resistances in patients. Source Credits: