Axalta Coating Systems, a chemical industry company, has reportedly completed the significant expansion of its waterborne coatings facility in Jiading, China. This facility expansion was geared towards meeting the escalating demand for sustainable coating solutions in the automotive, industrial, and commercial vehicle markets in the Asia Pacific region.

The latest expansion includes waterborne basecoat, primer, & small batch capacity, which features the most innovative product and production technology. In addition, the new production facilities, apart from the 2 new warehouses, will increase the production capacity by more than 2x. Axalta’s state-of-the-art facility can optimize productivity via advanced automation, maximize the adoption of raw materials, and accelerate the manufacturing cycle time while curbing the environmental impacts of its production process.

According to Axalta’s Senior VP, Chief Operations & Supply Chain Officer, Barry Snyder, the latest facility expansion in Jiading will further strengthen the company’s long-term growth strategy. Its investment in waterborne coatings embodies the sustainable manufacturing principle while ensuring continuous productivity and profitability. It is planning to further make investments in China to expand its footprint and capacities due to its increasing demand from customers.

Axalta is a leading provider of waterborne coatings technology & harmonized coating systems that meet the sustainability goals in terms of energy consumption and CO2 and VOC emissions and have high aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, its waterborne coatings can ensure increased energy savings and productivity, and a low environmental footprint for the OEM customers in the commercial vehicle, automotive, industrial materials, and e-mobility markets.

As per the statement made by Axalta’s Vice President, Mobility, Asia Pacific, Nicolas Franc de Ferrière, China continues to be the largest automotive industry and a growth engine for mobility across the globe. The industry is at the forefront of clean manufacturing in terms of VOC emissions. The company’s recent Jiading facility expansion highlights its target to reach quality and environmental standards by catering to the escalating demand for eco-friendly and high-quality coatings and consistently support customers.

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