Siemens AG has reportedly collaborated with Dow to improve the digitization of the process industry with a process automation test bed at MxD. It is an advanced manufacturing innovation center located near downtown Chicago.

This test bed provides a first-hand demonstration of the integration of innovative software and IoT with the hardware to expedite digitalization for the process industries. Firms can now have hands-on experience on the steps of designing, monitoring, and maintaining their products effectively, efficiently, and remotely using digital and data tools.

Presently, almost all of the process industry operates on techniques and workflows that were relatively untouched for over three decades. The new test bed provides a glance of how Siemens is assisting its consumers to brace them for the future of processing automation.

From controlling the processes on the plant floor using a tablet to real-time global collaboration and integrated modular automation, the digitization of process industries will fade the lines between real and digital worlds.

Augmented reality tablets and glasses can provide digitized documentation for connected mobile workers. This will ease the access to maintenance forms and safety manuals that can push research & development, compliance, and productivity.

According to the Global Digitization Director of Dow, Billy Bardin, offering this first-hand experience will be crucial for digitization in the process industries. It showcases how the connected mobile worker and the digital twin can work in tandem, thereby enabling greater reliability, safety, and productivity.

Siemens is helping to activate the test bed using an extensive selection of automation tech. The neo process control technology, SIMATIC PCS, is Siemens’ creative DCS (Distributed Control System), which offers operators secure and simple access. This eases remote operations more than ever before.

Siemens, Dow, MxD, and DMC, the integrator partner of Siemens, are collectively bringing workforce benefits to the process sectors at a time when companies are rapidly expanding their digitalization plans.

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