One of the leading intelligent processor suppliers Kalray and France-based EasyMile have reportedly strengthened their relationship with the signature of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) formalizing their collaboration to jointly develop intelligent systems.

The partnership follows their project together in a much awaited 10 -partner-strong ES3CAP collaborative effort, spearheaded by Kalray and announced officially in 2019. This ES3CAP algorithm, with a massive budget of 22.2 million euros over 3 years, aims to build a robust hardware and flexible software platform aimed at manufacturers developing applications requiring complex computing capacity, mainly in the aeronautics sector(flying cabs, UAVs, aviation), autonomous vehicles and defense.

Sources cite that EasyMile’s technology mainly deals with all types of next-generation cameras, lidar sensors, and radars to autonomize different ranges of vehicles.  Its vehicle-driven software makes it the premium partner of choice for global OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). As a fabless firm, it mainly focuses on autonomous vehicle solutions which tackle identified use-cases precisely applying unique, common-core technology. The company’s solutions deliver safety and performance with the help of underlying platforms.

Speaking on which, Benoit Perrin, MD at EasyMile said that performance, safety and reliability are key to embedded systems design. This alliance with Kalray, which was initiated with the ES3CAP algorithm, matches the high-end criteria the company expects of its association, he claimed, adding that the company is happy to be part of the collaboration.

Eric Baissus, CEO at Kalray has said that EasyMile is one of the high-tech advanced companies providing safe solutions for mainly autonomous vehicles. For the company, this association is evidence of the value which their MPPA smart processors and SuperECU solution can create, to easily build safe robust autonomous systems.

In addition, these intelligent processors are not just capable of executing AI programs but can also easily and simultaneously execute a wide range of different processing like mathematical algorithms, programs of signal processing and importantly, networking software stacks. This heterogeneous multi-processing ability is also a crucial requirement for automated vehicles, and is a unique feature of Coolidge, the third generation of popular MPPA processor.


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