Genomic Vision had developed new applications of its exclusive molecular combing technology Genomic Vision has recently signed a research agreement with Sanofi in the area of biomanufacturing in gene therapy projects. Apparently, Genomic Vision is specialized in the development of in-vitro diagnostic tests for the timely detection of genetic diseases and cancers as well as applications for life sciences research. Sources familiar with the matter informed that in 2018, Genomic Vision had developed new applications of its exclusive molecular combing technology to meet demand in the biomanufacturing industry. A new Quality Control test for envisioning genetic modifications in the field of bioproduction and addressing clonality concerns was developed. The company has also developed several quality control tools tailored to gene editing and is presently working with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and various prominent industrial players in this field. Seemingly, cell and gene therapy have appeared as promising treatments for various diseases including cancer, hereditary disorders, and viral infections. Various techniques have been used to create recombinant cell lines and novel techniques continue to be developed with the intention of providing safer and consistent biologics. According to Executive Vice President Corporate Development at Genomic Vision, Stephane Altaba, the company is confident that the outcomes of this partnership will enable the technology to be routinely used and to contribute towards better-quality control of biological products like monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins, and viral particles. Sources further mentioned that Genomic Vision’s Quality Control assay offers an assuring tool for the satisfactory characterization of recombinant cell line stability over traditional methods. Within the structure of the agreement with Sanofi, the company will  accomplish the genetic characterization of Sanofi cell lines from the research centre at Framingham, Boston. Reportedly, through DNA Molecular Combining, a robust proprietary technology enabling genetic abnormalities identification, Genomic Vision encourages the R&D productivity of pharmaceutical companies, the frontrunners of the research labs and the diagnostic industry. The company has developed a robust portfolio of diagnostic tests and analysis tools. Source Credits: