Health Co. to bring creamed honey products & diet supplements to US

Health Co., an El Salvador-based wellness and health company, has reportedly announced its plan to introduce its dietary supplements and high-quality honey products to the American market.

Elisa De Valiente, the Finance Manager and Founder of Health Co. stated that the company has been exporting honey for decades and started developing honey-derived dietary supplements 21 years ago. She added that Health Co. intends to introduce these nutritious products to the U.S., to keep Americans healthy.

De Valiente also said that the process of beekeeping offers tasty food along with high-quality nutrition. She added that people need to gain a deeper understanding about the nutritional benefits offered by bees, as honey is considered one of the superfoods of the world.

The company has developed top-quality supplements from a wide range of honey and natural extracts, with an intention of bridging the nutritional gap for people who are unable to maintain nutritionally balanced dietary habits due to increasingly demanding schedules, said De Valiente.

Health Co. intends to introduce the nutrition and sweetness of honey to America using the following products:

  • Creamed varieties of honey, including Green Apple and Mango, a mixture of light amber honey with a creamed texture, making it an ideal substitute for jams, jellies, butter, and cheese spread.
  • Propomist in Orange, Vanilla, and Cinnamon.
  • Honey included with nutritional ingredients like eucalyptus is a homogenized supplement of honey.

According to De Valiente, the creamed varieties of honey are popular as a snack or for breakfast. She added that creamed honey portfolio includes strong and exotic flavors like green apples, mango, and conventional natural honey.

The company has assured that consumers will receive products made from pure honey. The formulas created by the company comprise a distinctive combination that extracts the nutritional advantages of honey. Health Co. has expressed its commitment towards endorsing a healthy lifestyle using natural solutions.

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