Kindred has reportedly partnered with Hy-Tek Integrated Systems to assimilate its material handling solutions to Kindred’s SORT robotic systems, for fully automating e-commerce and retail order fulfillment capabilities.

This collaboration will expand Hy-Tek’s warehouse automation capabilities and the distribution center of its apparel customers. In addition, this partnership will accelerate the processes of polybag pick and place to cater to increasing consumer demand.

The Ecomplete e-commerce solution offered by Hy-Tek has helped retailers enhance their current e-commerce platforms and newer ones to seamlessly enter the market. Ecomplete is a shopping solution for e-commerce components and it takes sellers through a comprehensive process right from clicking to shipping.

Hy-Tek also offers installation of welded construction conveyors, integrated conveyor systems, receiving and shipping systems, engineered storage systems, complete turnkey solutions, and robotic palletizing cells for any application related to material handling.

Donnie Johnson, the President of Hy-Tek Integrated Systems, apparently commented the company turned to Kindred’s SORT robotic system for solving the challenges faced by its consumers with the rapidly growing environment of e-commerce fulfillment.

Johnson further added that Kindred provided a flexible and affordable solution to enhance its e-commerce fulfillment operations effectively and efficiently.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for online orders has peaked continuously. So, to cater to these growing needs, the Robotics as a Service (RaaS) model of Kindred has changed how robots are deployed.

The e-commerce and retail customers of Hy-Tek pay for the SORT robot services like the number of entities picked by the robots, instead of making any capital investments. Retailers can utilize the RaaS model to manage costs effectively and minimize one-time capital investments.

CEO of Kindred, Marin Tchakarov, reportedly said that investments in robot automation equally benefit global retailers and Hy-Tek. He further stated that the partnership with Hy-Tek will not only expand their capabilities of order fulfillment but also contribute to the future workforce using unparallelled technology.

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