Identiv Inc., the leading provider of identification and digital security in IoT (Internet of Things) has reportedly collaborated with Wiliot, a SaaS firm that connects the physical and digital world using IoT.

The new Bluetooth (BLE) IoT Pixels of Identiv developed for the mass IoT market comprise built-in logic and it intelligently communicates to create a digital product ecosystem in pharma, healthcare, and smart packaging including tracking cold chain, movement, temperature, and moisture.

The BLE tags, or IoT Pixels, allow monitoring of a daily item, from medicine vials to luxury apparel. The collaboration is reinforced through the best-in-class production processes of Identiv along with quality control and compliance through its engineering prowess in specialty designs.

Commenting on the collaboration, Amir Khoshniyati, the General Manager and Vice President of Identiv, expressed that the company is well-positioned to effectively scale the IoT Pixels worldwide and a partnership with Wiliot is already gaining outcomes with many major organizations which include leaders in the food and beverage vertical.

Identiv is Wiliot’s strategic developer and production collaborator offering extensive expertise in a complex device, antenna, and systems design with proven scalability and a global commercial channel. The Wiliot platform enables retailers, healthcare customers, perishable distributors, and brands to attain cost-effective, real-time visibility of all supplies and equipment.

Tony Small, the Chief Business Officer of Wiliot believes that there is a strong possibility of making products that are safer and of better quality and sustainability. Small added that Identiv will introduce its distinct experience with some of the most advanced IoT technology to this ecosystem.

The NFC and RFID solutions of Identiv authenticate IoT identity and security and are embedded in billions of daily objects including books, medical devices, toys, perishable, pharmaceuticals, and athletic apparel. The company’s product and R&D team is best-in-class and offers expertise in the research, design, and manufacturing of antennas.

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