Norwegian biometrics company IDEX Biometrics is reportedly collaborating with Tongxin Microelectronics (TMC), China’s secure element vendor, in order to create a compatible biometric smart card solution for end-user applications. As per the announcement, the companies will merge IDEX’s sensor and TMC’s secure element to create dual-interface solutions capable of supporting both matches in the biometric MCU and in the secure element for high-level security. The incorporation reportedly includes joint creation of native code within the secure element for controlling and managing IDEX’s sensor in the operating system of the secure element. According to Stan Swearingen, Chief Executive Officer of IDEX, the demand for biometric smart cards is growing rapidly owing to their enhanced security and usage convenience for end customers. Hence, it is crucial for card makers that the biometric solutions and secure elements are compatible with each other. Swearingen also said that the company is thrilled about the collaboration with TMC to guarantee complete compatibility of its solutions. Yimin Ding, VP at TMC, said in a statement that the collective solution creates a compelling value proposition and a simple and safe turn-key solution for end users, which lessens the complexity and cost burden for card manufacturers. Ding also said that the firm is excited to work with IDEX’s best technology to assure compatibility with its solutions and anticipates the market to accelerate through and beyond 2019. For the record, IDEX Biometrics is the world’s leading provider of fingerprint identification technologies, delivering simple, personal, and secure authentication. These technologies help make faster payments, authenticate identity, gain access to information or buildings, and unlock devices through just a touch of a finger. The company has also been building a list of Asia-based partners that can help the firm focus on the emerging biometric payment card market and to improve its status in the biometric smart cards business in general, reported sources. Source Credit