Glycotope GmbH and LegoChem Biosciences Inc. (LCB) have reportedly penned a research collaboration and license agreement to develop an ADC (antibody-drug conjugate).

This process will be executed by consolidating the exclusive ADC technology of LCB with one of the investigational tumor-targeting antibodies of Glycotope.

As per the agreement, LegoChem Biosciences can assert its option for global exclusive rights to create and commercialize the candidate antibody as ADC after completing a feasibility study.

If LegoChem claims these rights, Glycotope will obtain an upfront payment along with the sales and development milestone payments as well as royalties. Some of the financial terms are yet to be revealed.

LCB CEO & President Dr. Yong-Zu Kim has stated that the partnership will enable both companies to advance this innovative program as a competitive cancer therapy once the candidate ADC is discovered.

Meanwhile, Glycotope CEO Henner Kollenberg expressed that a collaboration with LCB emphasizes the importance of the company’s distinct technology platform and reinforces its position as a leader in the development of highly specific antibodies that target glyco-epitopes.

For the uninitiated, ADCs are targeted cancer medicine that distributes cytotoxic chemotherapy to cancer cells through a connection attached to a monoclonal antibody that links to a particular target expressed on cancer cells.

The ADC platform technologies offered by LCB provide a solution to the current ADC limitations by imparting the following properties:

  • cancer-selective linker activation
  • site-specific stable bioconjugation
  • cancer-selective activation of potent cytotoxic chemotherapy

The antibodies from Glycotope target certain tumor-related carbohydrate structures or carbohydrate/protein combined glyco-epitopes. Targeting these antigens allows long-term treatment potential, broad indication range, and reduced off-tumor toxicity, which are critical parameters of highly potent therapies.

Based on this unmatched tumor targeting, Glycotope’s antibodies are ideal for a multi-function platform method with separate action modes to offer a customized therapy format for many patients.

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