LG envisages a system that could seamlessly perform highly intricate functions such as changing gears. LG Electronics Co. would apparently be manufacturing motion-detection system capable of reading driver’s gestures for a model of Mercedes-Benz. If reports are to be believed, a camera mounted on the car’s ceiling would read the hand gestures of the driver, allowing them to control actions such as activating cruise control or managing music volume levels. In the coming years, LG envisages a system that could seamlessly perform highly intricate functions such as changing gears, stated a company source requesting anonymity. For the record, BMW has already implemented a similar system in its Sedan cars of the 7 Series, utilizing Softkinetic Systems’ technology. Reportedly, LG has already entered into an agreement with Mercedes regarding a camera system that can evaluate whether the car driver is drowsy or not. A press release published by Mercedes-Benz from CES event in Las Vegas exhibited a newfangled feature known as MBUX Interior Assist, that permits Mercedes-Benz CLA Coupe occupants to control vehicle’s functions with hand gestures. Moreover, several automobile manufacturers have deployed systems that can read traffic signals and detect pedestrians. Unquestionably, the development of such advanced systems can completely transform the way people ride their cars in the future, claim market analysts. According to credible sources, LG has been working on a driver-assistance system, that will be supplied to Daimler in late 2019 or early next year. Apparently, the delivery of the system was originally scheduled for later this year, but got delayed due to the South Korean firm’s trouble in attaining the essential chips, one of the sources claimed. However, no official declaration has been made by the representatives of LG or Daimler. Reportedly, LG is an affiliate of a South Korean association that has been initiating efforts to provide automobile components, such as electronic batteries, digital dashboards, and others. LG is faced by tough competition from Mobileye a unit of Intel Corp. and Harman, owned by Samsung Electronics Co., in the assisted driving market, state trusted sources