PennEngineering®, a leading fastening solution provider, has reportedly announced its global expansion with the unveiling of the first PEM® location in Tokyo, Japan. The expansion showcases the company’s dedication to the region, and its emphasis on offering direct access to Haeger® and PEM® products and local resources, including product support and advanced engineering.

In 2019, PennEngineering acquired Eurotec Ltd., a Tokyo-based specialty technical reseller of sheet metal and clinch fasteners. Eurotec Ltd. has shifted to PEM and continues to back the company’s growth ventures in the automotive electronics, sheet metal fabrication, and consumer electronics markets.

Leonard Kiely, the Chief Executive Officer of PennEngineering, stated that it is crucial for the company to reinforce its relationships and set a permanent presence in Japan owing to the growth of industries catered by the company, many with their bases in the region. This will allow the company to directly partner with its Japanese consumers and provide the abilities they are looking for in a global fastening solutions collaborator.

With the company’s expansion in Japan, the global footprint of PennEngineering now comprises facilities across 17 locations around the globe which includes locations throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Americas.

For the record, PennEngineering is well-reputed as a global leader in the fastening sector. The company was founded in 1942. The leading brand of the company, microPEM® and PEM® fasteners are considered the premier products in the thin sheet fastening sector whilst the following six additional reputed brands support the company’s expansive abilities: PROFIL® automotive fasteners, Haeger® hardware insertion machine, PennAuto™ high-strength fastener solutions, Heyco® stamped and molded products, SI® brand inserts, and ATLAS® brand rivet nuts.

PennEngineering's steady dedication to global innovation and engineering expertise ensures that it continues to grow its portfolio with solutions and technologies that enable its consumers to overcome marketplace challenges.

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