Global interactive video company Kiswe has reportedly partnered with Rock Entertainment Holdings to broadcast some of the world’s biggest Esports tournaments in the APAC region. The collaboration will allow Rock Entertainment to get global esports content for APAC viewers in their native languages. This will create a customized, immersive gaming experience for fans and players.

As part of this partnership, Kiswe Studio brought 2021 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1 and 2- Challengers Taiwan/Hong Kong to Rock Entertainment and streamed it on ‘Blue Ant Extreme’ in March and April 2021. Viewers will also be able to watch the third stage finals of 2021 Valorant Champions Live in July 2021 along with other esports matches.

Although the tournaments are organized virtually, they are produced with graphics, video, and commentary exclusively catering to local markets. This limitation disallows esports tournament organizers to widen their audience reach and monetize an extensive group of viewers. Now, Kiswe Studio bolsters these organizers to create and upscale niche content in any language and anywhere they wish to broadcast.

This collaboration will enable esports casters and producers to work remotely, thus reducing equipment and travel costs and aversion of risks related to onsite production. The partnership will also create new opportunities to provide high-level competition and premium content and expand the diversity of their audiences.

It will now be easier for networks to localize games cost-effectively, open new avenues for monetization, and penetrate newer markets for innovative content. Gamers can now consume high-quality, bespoke global competitive gaming content in their native languages.

CEO for Rock Entertainment Holdings, Asia Pacific, Beatrice Lee, has apparently stated that the company is delighted to collaborate with Kiswe to bring esports tournaments like Valorant for its Asian viewers. She added that Rock Entertainment aims at providing premium and popular content to esports fans in a more inclusive and personalized manner.

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