Sysnet Global Solutions®, a leading provider of compliance and cyber security solutions, has reportedly acquired SecureTrust™, a Trustwave® division, to expand its cybersecurity solutions and expedite market growth.

Sysnet is involved in the delivery of integrated security and compliance solutions to businesses around the world. The inclusion of SecureTrust is an ideal fit for the company, as it widens its geographic coverage, security offering, and consumer base, and proprietary compliance and security platforms.

This acquisition will make the consolidated organization the largest QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) company in the world and one of the largest providers of security and compliance solutions. The company has many of the world’s top payment service providers as well as acquirers as clients and more than five million businesses use the platforms developed by Sysnet.

SecureTrust’s client base coming under Sysnet will significantly benefit from the new set of solutions, geographic coverage, and delivery team. These clients will have access to an integrated compliance and security platform with faster access to the latest solutions and improved functionality.

Sysnet’s commitment to offering support as well as solutions will assure its new clients that their changing demands will be catered to as well as exceeded into the future.

While Trustwave has been historically focused on PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance, the current core offerings of SecureTrust is mainly linked with MSS (Managed Security Services), CPS (Consulting and Professional Services), and MDR (Managed Detection and Response). This led to the misalignment between the growth focus of Trustwave and the service offered by SecureTrust.

SecureTrust has worked over the years to establish a culture as well as a brand that is unique and independent from Trustwave. This sale commences the next phase in the process of separation. As part of the deal, Sysnet is also buying a portion of the MSS business centered around the hospitality sector which will further augment its current MSS offering.

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