Trane Technologies plc, a U.S. based climate innovator and manufacturing company, has launched a new, fully electric single unit dubbed, Sintesis™ Balance CMAF that can effectively cool and heat buildings. Reportedly, the air-cooled multi-pipe solution comes as the newest addition to the company’s Sintesis portfolio of high-performance indoor climate devices. 

According to reliable sources, this new solution will initially be available in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. It is a highly capable electric system that delivers both chilled and hot water for both heating and cooling purposes. The system would be ideal for buildings with dynamic temperature needs such as hotels, schools, retail centers, hospitals, theaters and office buildings.

The innovation adds to Trane Technologies’ Gigaton Challenge that aims to lower greenhouse gas emissions from customers by a billion metric tons within the end of 2030. Sintesis units generally repurpose and recover energy without producing any carbon emissions, thereby, drastically lowering fossil fuel consumption than conventional systems like chillers and boiler.

Sintesis Balance has good potential to become a zero-emissions solution if it draws electricity from renewable energy grids.

Speaking on the move, José La Loggia, President of commercial HVAC in EMEA, Trane Technologies, said that the Sintesis Balance eradicates the need for separate chiller and boiler systems, and offers flexibility to fulfill major comfort needs across diverse seasons, climates, occupancy and use. 

Additionally, it delivers highly reliable temperature control, indoor air quality and operation. Sintesis Balance would come as a great alternative for European consumers as most of Europe is heavily reliant on gas or oil boilers.

As buildings contribute to nearly 15% of global carbon emissions, with heating and cooling systems holding roughly 35% of that total, Sintesis Balance would become a go-to option for customers that are focusing on decarbonization of buildings and sustainable electrification.

Apart from this development, Trane Technologies has also managed to pave its way to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), becoming one of the 200 leading companies to represent the development council. 

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