The U.S. Steel employees welcomed the latest announcement, with Union leaders commenting that the upgrades are most likely to bolster job security. The American integrated steel producer, U.S. Steel Corporation, has made it to the headlines for its plans to make an investment of about $1 billion in order for upgradation of facilities at its Mon Valley Works. Reports reveal that the latest investment includes a new endless casting & rolling facility at the Braddock-based Edgar Thomson Plant, and a co-generation facility at Clairton Plant. Trusted sources claimed that the new endless casting & rolling facility is going to be the first of its kind in the United States, and is apparently one of only a few around the world. The resulting upgrades are likely to help U.S. Steel grow more efficient, as well as environmentally sustainable, which will in turn, help reduce particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, fine particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions, further cited the sources. For the record, U.S. Steel has been facing many lawsuits pertaining to emissions violations that took place following a fire accident at the Clairton Plant, damaging several equipment. This also led to a class action lawsuit initiated by a Mon Valley resident, while Pennsylvania environmental groups have brought lawsuits in federal court. David Burritt, the President & CEO at US Steel, was quoted stating that the new investment by the company is quite a transformational one. The company’s response to the community is that it is looking to operate this business in the most effective, safest and environment-friendly manner possible. The company is striving every single day and envisions that it is going to reach a more enhanced level with the current technology. Sara Greenstein, Senior VP for Consumer Solutions, US Steel, reportedly said that the company is geared up to break ground immediately after the permits are done and does not anticipate any shutdowns during construction. The facilities are scheduled to be online by the year 2022. Source Credits: