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Vegemite launches its gluten free version that has same classic taste

Though Vegemite is sugar-free, fat-free and vegetarian, for so long it was not gluten-free. Vegemite, one of the most iconic Australian foods, recently made it to the headlines and became a major source of celebration among the gluten intolerant of the Australian population when it released its gluten free version to the market. Coeliac Australia, which is a major supporter of Australians with coeliac disease and associated conditions causing the need for a gluten free diet, welcomed the move by Vegemite. Apparently, Vegemite, which is essentially a salty by-product of the beer brewing process, was not considered FODMAP-friendly due to its content of barley and wheat extracts in its ingredients. But with the new gluten free version, the Vegemite team claims to have created an alternative that is devoid of such extracts but tastes the same as the original product. Vegemite announced the launch on its Instagram page and wrote that the company is thrilled to share this gluten free version of Vegemite after much demand from fans. It added that launching the gluten free version is an important step in ensuring the Australian spread can be enjoyed in every Australian diet. The gluten free version of Vegemite will be marked by a green stripe on the label to differentiate it from the classic kind. It will be available in a 235g jar in supermarkets across Australia. Reportedly the Vegemite team has worked with bakers to create a gluten free yeast and claims that it has perfected the Vegemite taste for those who cannot have gluten in their diets. Though some are skeptical about the new Vegemite tasting just the same as the classic one, the company is waiting to hear feedbacks from consumers. Sources cite that one in seventy Australians suffer from coeliac disease while four out of five people are undiagnosed. For the record, Vegemite is an extremely popular spread in Australia that is often enjoyed with some butter on a toast or crackers. The original Vegemite is a thick paste made from yeast extract and flavored with onion, celery and various other ingredients. Though it is sugar-free, fat-free and vegetarian, for so long it was not gluten-free.