Taiwan-based Wiwynn has reportedly unveiled its new Edge Platform 100 (EP100) based upon Nokia-led OCP OpenEDGE specification. Through the efficient and flexible platform supports diverse applications that require low latency and powerful data-processing capabilities at edge locations for the impending 5G era. Dr. Sunlai Chang, Senior VP and CTO of Wiwynn, said in a statement that the firm is thrilled to grab new edge cloud opportunities in the 5G era by initiating Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware and introducing an open firmware development kit. Wiwynn EP100 empowers communication service providers to tackle diverse low-latency data processing requirements of Cloud RAN and contemporary central offices through a flexible and high-efficiency infrastructure at a balanced cost, Dr. Chang added. Sources familiar with the platform claimed that the EP100 is a 3U edge system founded on Nokia OCP OpenEDGE specifications. It supports a maximum of five 1U half-width servers and is conveniently configurable with 2U half-width server sled and 1U full-width server sled. Communication service providers can also increase computing power through the addition of more EP100 systems for applications right from base stations to provincial central offices. According to Hannu Nikurautio, Nokia’s Head of Cloud RAN Product Management, Wiwynn’s deployment of the Nokia OCP OpenEDGE has been welcomed by the Nokia AirFrame open edge that was introduced in April 2018, by announcing a new equipment supplier for enclosure and sled designs. Nikurautio further claimed that Wiwynn’s role in OCP OpenEDGE is a significant step in the creation of a healthy ecosystem and provides multi-source procurement options to Far Edge Data Center Equipment consumers, in a bid to prevent vendor lock-in. Moreover, edge sites can attain high power efficiency and easy management from EP100, owing to the chassis-based power supplies and management. Wiwynn building a software stack with OpenBMC, OpenRMC, and OSF (Open System Firmware) to improve management for the open system, reported sources. Source Credit http://www.wiwynn.com/english/company/newsinfo/2078