Alterity Therapeutics, the biotechnology company developing first-in-class therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases, has reportedly presented data on ATH434 at the ANN (American Academy of Neurology) virtual meet. Reliable sources cite that ATH434 is a small-molecule inhibitor of a-synuclein aggregation and is aimed to ensure a treatment for Multiple System Atrophy.

According to people familiar with the matter, the data was based on the presentation, abstract, and article share finding from the company’s complemented Phase 1 clinical trial of drug candidate ATH434 which evaluated tolerability, safety, pharmacokinetics in healthy, and older adult volunteers.

The presented data demonstrated that ATH434 crosses the blood-brain barrier in patients. The drug’s clinically tested doses also attained concentrations in the brain that exceeded or were comparable to those related to efficacy in animal models this disease.

The safety data indicate that the drug was well tolerated and showed a similar adverse event profile in baby boomers and adults. The positive data supported the plans to proceed with clinical testing of ATH434 for treating Multiple System Atrophy which is a form of atypical Parkinsonism.

Speaking on which, Dr. David Stamler, CMO, and Senior VP, Clinical Development said that as the company treating the fundamental cause of disease by targeting alpha-Synuclein, the drug has a potential to affect every aspect of disease including the blood pressure problems, the motor symptoms, bowel and bladder dysfunction, and gait and balance.

Reliable sources affirm that Dr. David Stamler had been invited to present oral information on Parkinson’s disease clinical trials session and interventions at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in April 2020 in Toronto. This annual meet was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, companies can now take part in virtual presentations that presently live on the 2020 AAN Science Highlights Virtual Platform.

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