Ashton Potter, a renowned New York based Information Technology and Services company, has reportedly announced new release of its ProLinc® solution to capture factory floor insights for automated manufacturers. New ProLinc® sensing module combines with machinery across the automated manufacturing environment to make data accessible and actionable and to enable Industry 4.0 insight. The automated manufacturers could compare product and equipment data during the manufacturing process to minimize downtime, optimize operations and maximize the quality. ProLinc® leverages data that is collected through sensing modules to obtain a holistic view of system conditions and productivity, which empower manufacturers to prevent delay in production, to identify quality pitfalls, detect anomalies and spot opportunities for greater efficiency and optimization. This insight is put in a Blockchain-enabled database, from where it can be obtained by approval of stakeholders in real time. Kelly M. Smith, senior VP, Ashton Potter, reportedly stated that minimizing downtime and maximizing throughput while maintaining quality standards is crucial for the fast paced and high-volume automated manufacturing industry. Smith further added that with ProLinc® the manufacturers would be empowered to optimize and understand the relation between process integrity and product quality like never before. During the time of failure in performance of equipment, operators are informed in real-time and the product that has been affected could be isolated to eliminate the risk of subpar goods reaching the market. ProLinc®, functioning as the missing connection between the MES and the ERP delivers product level data that the existing system lacked. Furthermore, ProLinc® also integrates smoothly into the enterprise system of the factory, leveraging Gold Integration Partners network of Ashton Potter thereby minimizing cost and maximizing time to value. Joe Schutte, Chief Technology Officer, Ashton Potter, reportedly stated that the MES and ERP often fail to offer detailed insight and context into a product as well as equipment performance that automated manufacturing demands, all while being an integral system for factory performance. The company delivers substantial value to automated manufacturers by offering complete visibility into their equipment and processes. This insight, combined with the company’s end to end traceability of a product, allows operators to address compromises made in quality, increase the efficiency and maintain compliance at scale. Source credit: