The partnership would help service providers to offer customers with next-generation endpoint protection. In recent years, data security has become a major concern for both users and companies. Tech companies are increasingly seeking new avenues to strengthen their overall system security. Baidam Solutions, a leading network security provider, has recently made some strides when it announced that it will be joining forces with global cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike® Inc. As per reports, Baidam would now be associated with the CrowdStrike Elevate Partner Program, combining its service with the CrowdStrike’s advanced endpoint protection platform to help restrict breaches for customers. The program would essentially offer solutions providers, technology partners, managed service providers and system integrators with the ability to provide bespoke solutions to users. Sources suggest that, through this program, Baidam would offer the CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon application, which is powered by unified NGAV (next-generation antivirus), Artificial Intelligence (AI), endpoint detection and response (EDR), IT hygiene, proactive threat hunting and cyber threat intelligence for users in Australia. Being distributed via a single lightweight agent, the platform facilitates reliable detection, prevention, mitigation and response to all risks, including advanced intrusions without any malware. This would allow customers to spot and halt breaches immediately. Speaking on the move, Phillip Jenkinson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Baidam Solutions, said that the company is pleased to join CrowdStrike and is looking forward to bringing the most advanced cybersecurity solutions for its customers. The company is dedicated to bridging the gap between ICT sectors and Indigenous diversity. Moreover, the firm feels that creating role models, proper education and pathways of employment for Indigenous ICT apprentices plays an essential role in diversifying the IT security sector. Jenkinson concluded that this partnership shows how a vendor and reseller could work together to offer considerable results, while delivering an exemplary model for Indigenous students to follow at the same time. Source Credit: