Cummins, a power generation equipment leader, has reportedly revealed the addition of 2 new DMC (Digital Master Controls), DMC2000 & 6000. The new DMC will be added to its suite of power system paralleling products, PowerCommand®. These two products are pre-designed, pre-engineered, and scalable.

The DMC products will help meet the rising needs to support a range of configurations that suit various design complexities. Its pre-engineered system-level controls will ensure the fast shipping of products at the optimized price to its customers. The products are paralleling systems that have been designed to interface directly with the generator sets & switchgear and automated transfer system (ATS) of Cummins Power Generation PowerCommand to offer an integrated power control solution.

This integrated solution provides dependability and reliability, with a wide application scope in various settings including high-tech manufacturing facilities, data centers, airports, and hospitals. The 2 new DMC will complement the existing DMC8000 by delivering integrated control system solutions for use in a wide range of site designs, where the customizable DMC8000 exceeds the site specifications.

As per the statement made by the Director of Power Generations Systems & Controls at Cummins, Wissam Balshe, the new product addition will help offer its proven excellence in various applications. The products are priced competitively and available with a fast lead-time as compared to its custom-built DMC8000.

In addition, the new products deliver an enhanced user interface experience, control modularity, comprehensive design flexibility, and above 1,200 test failure scenarios that have been mitigated, tested, and analyzed for a complete power control.

PowerCommand controls have been adopted in myriad applications such as pipeline stations, transportation systems, wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, commercial buildings, data centers, industrial plants, and electric generation & distribution systems, among others. All these PowerCommand power system products are backed by the distribution network of Cummins, with over 600 distributor locations in nearly 190 countries. The company’s distributors support the global customers from sales to the final commissioning.

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