Biotech companies Cytune Pharma and SOTIO have recently declared that they have initiated SO-C101 dosing of cancer patients. The phase I/Ib clinical trial will assess the preliminary efficacy and safety of SO-C101 in subjects with selected metastatic/advanced solid tumors. For the uninitiated, SO-C101 is a interleukin IL-15 superagonist fusion protein. In the study, the first patient was dosed with SO-C101 in France based Institute Gustave Roussy. Phase I/Ib or SC103 clinical trial would also enroll participants in the Spain based Vall d’Hebron cancer center, upon attaining all mandatory approvals, at the New Haven, CT based Yale Cancer Center and Houston, TX based MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Aurélien Marabelle, M.D., Ph.D., Phase I/Ib Trial’s Coordinating Investigator, was reportedly quoted stating that he is extremely delighted that the medical center has signed up the first participant patient in its crucial clinical trial. Dr. Marabelle also said that they believe in SO-C101’s potential to bring a life-changing difference to several patients with hard to treat cancers. He further mentioned that he is looking forward to further advance this innovative therapy. Dr. Radek Spisek, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, SOTIO, was quoted stating that SO-C101 is an innovative approach that has been validated for its safety and efficacy in pre-clinical experiments. As SO-C101 is a promising combination partner for monoclonal antibodies, checkpoint inhibitors, and various other established therapies, the plans for other combination therapies are already in the loop, Dr. Spisek further stated. According to sources close to the development, Cytune Pharma will look after the therapeutic development of SO-C101 and SOTIO will sponsor the SC103 trial. David Bechard, Ph.D., COO & President, Cytune Pharma, said in a statement that he is excited about the fact that after 12 years of research & development at Cytune Pharma, the research has entered into the clinical development phase. Bechard also said that SO-C101 would become a treatment option for people suffering with cancer in the future.   Source Credit: