US-based technology company Digicert Inc. has reportedly announced its new Digicert Automation Gateway. The gateway comes to the front with the integration into Digicert CertCentral in Q4. Sources cite that the arrival of this new gateway will speed up the adoption of automated certificate insurance, renewal, and revocation by solving some of the specific issues with current services. 

Automation Gateway can give companies the confidence to use automation protocols in their working pipeline to ensure greater agility in their business networks.

Jeremy Rowley, Chief of Product at DigiCert described the company's efforts to create robust management and automation tools that can be used by enterprises to ease up their security processes safeguard internet security. 

He stated that many firms are hesitant to integrating automated PKI solutions as they fear the opening of their network ports to the public internet. The introduced automated gateway can be trusted with automated controllers and proxies. 

He added that the automation Gateway provides an intuitive experience with smart apps that recognizes organizational security preferences and replaces the manual configurations that ACME certbot and other customers are now using.

Automation Gateway is set up internally as on-premises in an enterprise network to safely automate, monitor, and process certificate lifecycle events via a controllable proxied link. It is a simplified collaboration bridge between Digicert’s different management and automation platforms such as ACME for the acquisition and deployment of certificates.

The implementation of this service is a significant accomplishment for the mission of DigiCert to encourage and allow a shorter life cycle of certificates. 

Automation Gateway also delivers uninterrupted uptime. The gateway removes incomplete, expired, or withdraws certificates on connected devices automatically. The gateway is used to dynamically upgrade any number of internal servers. With smart mesh connections, computers can still obtain certificates and start running safely when one node gets dark on the network.

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