DoorDash opens America’s first shared smart kitchen in Redwood City

The latest trend in the food industry has been opening up shared smart kitchens in densely populated areas that offers unique and paired menu items to meet the taste preferences of each individuals. Use of shared smart kitchens will seemingly enable restaurants to deliver customer their food when, where and how they want it. San Francisco-based food delivery service DoorDash Inc. recently announced the launch of the first shared commissary kitchen in Redwood City, California. Apparently, the brand intendsto provide new delivery and pick up options to customers based in Peninsula Towns, including Menlo Park, Atherton, and Palo Alto. Sources with knowledge of the matter stated that the kitchen will initially be operated by four restaurants including Humphry Slocombe, Nation’s Giant Hamburgers, Rooster & Rice, and The Halal Guys. The company also disclosed plans to add a fifth and final restaurant to the kitchen in the near future. Seemingly, the announcement is a result of the intense competition DoorDash faces from rivals such as Uber Eats, Postmates and Grubhub, who are rolling out similar services to gain the upper hand. Records confirm that DoorDash currently dominates the supply chain and holds over 35% of the food delivery market, with Uber not too far behind at 25%. In addition to this, DoorDash is evidently also the first third-party platform to launch shared smart kitchens and help its partners grow their restaurant chains by providing demand mapping and demographic data. DoorDash confirmed that its kitchens were designed in sync with the four restaurants to design their spaces and customize storage equipment and environment based on their specific needs. Each restaurant will offer to-go meals from items enlisted on their menus and DoorDash will manage all the workers inthe facility. DoorDash executive Fuad Hannon mentioned that the company is aware of the latest market trends and since it is already vertically integrated, DoorDash can accurately forecast the sales of a restaurant in each region by through high degree of certainty and information. The shared smart kitchen will help DoorDash expand its services portfolio, which includes a delivery software platform called DoorDash Drive, data crunching services for restaurants, as well as food delivery services, added Hannon. Source Credits –