DSP Group, a renowned US based world leader in development of wireless chipsets used in a wide array of smart-enabled gadgets, and DSP Concepts, an embedded audio processing solution developer, reportedly announced a new reference kit Cherry. DSP Group would be showcasing the Cherry reference kit during the 2019 Broadband World Forum at Amsterdam, Netherlands soon. Cherry combines DSP Concepts’ TalkTo™ machine-learning algorithms and microphone processing suite with the DBMD7 SmartVoice processors of DSP Group for voice-controlled systems. TalkTo can cancel unreferenced noise of up to 30 dB as well as referenced source sound of up to 40 dB, delivering reliable and accurate voice control to several far-field voice applications like set-top boxes, TVs, sound bars, home gateways as well as smart speakers that usually operate in environments with a lot of noise. Also, in addition to TalkTo, the new Cherry also supports Audio Weaver® by DSP Concepts to let developers effectively and rapidly craft and rollout custom voice-processing and speaker processing algorithms on DBMD7. CVP, SmartVoice at DSP Group, Yosi Brosh stated that the DBMD7 line of voice and audio processors balances the low power consumption that is required for smart sensing along with the capability of high-performance computing as well as large embedded memory required for low latency, high-quality ML and voice processing at the edge. Brosh added that together with DSP Concepts’ TalkTo as well as Audio Weaver technologies present in the Cherry reference kit, developers can tap the entire potential of the company’s DBMD7 processors more easily to cost effectively and quickly rollout high-end voice control which the company is seeing to be an expanding array of next-generation, thrilling products. CTO and founder at DSP Concepts, Paul Beckmann stated that the company is thrilled to have Audio Weaver and TalkTo operating on DBMD7 processors of DSP Group in the Cherry kit. Beckmann added that DBMD7 processor’s energy-efficient design would help bring the company’s TalkTo technology into novel applications like battery-powered and portable products, while DSP Group’s exceptional technical and sales support organizations would make it easier to further bring the company’s technologies to the markets.   Source credit: http://ir.dspg.com/news-releases/news-release-details/turnkey-far-field-voice-activation-kit-dsp-group-and-dsp