Parts will be manufactured at the AS9100-certified Additive Manufacturing CoE of Eaton Dublin-headquartered Eaton is reportedly looking to use additive manufacturing process to develop and supply aluminum housing as well as valve required for the ram air valve assembly for the Advanced Jet Trainer of Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation. Apparently, the adoption of additive manufacturing process has helped the firm reduce the development time by 75% while delivering additional performance benefits to the clients. A total of twenty-two parts were reinforced into just 2 printed parts, greatly reducing assembly time as well as overall weight, along with the elimination of potential leak paths through threaded joints and seals, sources familiar with the matter said. Nanda Kumar, President of Aerospace Group at Eaton, was reportedly quoted saying that the company recognized the crucial role additive manufacturing could play in meeting the compressed timeline required for the program and for offering a superior solution for this assembly. He further stated that additive technologies could provide Eaton with a competitive edge. Supposedly, the commitment to deliver this flight hardware marks another significant step forward in the additive manufacturing space for Eaton, becoming its first military aircraft hardware application of Aluminum Laser Powdered Bed Fusion (Al L-PBF). Sources confirmed that under terms of the agreement, Eaton will supply ram air scoop beginning this year. The components will be manufactured at the AS9100 certified Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence of Eaton, while assembly will be done at its Los Angeles-based aerospace manufacturing facility. For the record, Eaton is a power management company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, that offers energy-efficient solutions to help customers effectively manage mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic power more efficiently, sustainably and safely. In the aerospace industry, Eaton is a leading supplier of technologies and products for hydraulic systems, engine solutions and motion control. Eaton serves commercial and military defense, aerospace and marine industries worldwide. Based on statistical data, the company has engaged close to 100,00 customers across over 175 countries, with 2018 sales of $21.6 billion. Source credit: