Entegris, Inc., a global leader in advanced materials science, has recently unveiled a unique fluid management system. This solution is capable of removing electrostatic charge from the chemical delivery systems, which are essential for manufacturing advanced semiconductors such as technology chips.

There are certain limitations to adopting the traditional stainless steel fluid management systems, such as their inability to meet the increasing needs for ultra-low metal impurities. Due to this factor, innovative technology chip manufacturers are deploying PFA (fluoropolymer) systems in place of stainless steel systems as they can reduce metal contamination. However, this non-conductive electrical insulator creates a new challenge related to electronic discharge.

As per the statement made by Entegris’ VP of fluid management at AMH (Advanced Materials Handling) division, Brett Reichow, the accumulation of electrostatic charge in the fluids can adversely impact the fluid handling components in the chemical delivery system. Moreover, it can also lead to the generation of defects on silicon wafers. Additionally, the electrostatic discharge can be unsafe during the semiconductor fabrication process.

The manufacturing company has developed the solution by using new materials that can efficiently lower the accumulated electrostatic charge as well as any other charge built up outside the tubing.

Senior VP of the AMH division at Entegris, Bill Shaner, has reportedly cited that the company has been offering advanced connection technology for the high-purity handling markets. The technology can simultaneously improve the safety as well as reduce the chances of defects in solutions developed for ESD. It also leverages proprietary manufacturing equipment & processes to co-extrude the conductive PFA and ultrapure PFA and create a single layer, which results in low metallic contamination and eliminates the potential entrapment areas & delamination risks.

According to the metal extraction testing performed by Entegris, the new system can maintain a purity level like the standard PFA tube. Moreover, a 3rd party testing firm has confirmed the system’s satisfactory grounding performance.

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