Optical communication, wherein data transferred is done using light to carry signals rather than electrical current is increasingly gaining traction as the preferred method of data transfer in recent years. The optical communication solutions and market is witnessing a growth in demand due to the technology’s advantages over the traditional, electric-current based way of transmission. Supported by increasing innovations, companies across the world are adopting optical communication more readily. Finisar, American market leader in optical components and modules headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, reportedly announced that it presented a number of new products as well as technology solutions at the ECOC, Europe’s biggest optical communications exhibition. The company will present the latest laser technology, form factors as well as test equipment for connections with high-speed in the hyperscale data centers, optical test systems and 5G wireless networks. These demonstrations can be seen at Finisars booth 62 in the RDS Venue, Dublin from September 23 to September 25. At the Finisar booth, Foxconn Interconnect Technology and Finisar are demonstrating the optical communication industry’s first interoperability of optical transceivers, 400G SR4.2 QSFP-DD . The IEEE-compliant transceivers utilize MPO-12 optical connector and eight fibers which offer a low cost solution for the upgrades of 400G data rate using multimode cabling base installed for 100G SR4 across data centers. Finisar is launching market’s first public technology showcase of multimode Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser which transmits at data rates of 100G by using PAM4 modulation. This new demonstration is a crucial milestone pertaining to product developments which would enable active optical cables (AOCs) and short reach 800G optical modules required for next-gen hyperscale data centers. Finisar is also presenting various types of optical transceiver modules used in wireless 5G front-haul networks. Propelled by anticipation of considerably large volume deployments, front haul wireless applications would need higher data rate solutions that are cost-efficient. Such applications in wireless 5G networks are anticipated to primarily need 25G data rates. The firm is already providing several products which cover 300m, 2km as well as 10km reaches. The WaveAnalyzer™ 1500S depicts high-resolution and high-speed measurements on the optical signals inside the L-band frequency of telecommunications, including WDM and OSNR analysis. This WaveAnalyzer has been built to help next-generation optical system developers. Recently, II-VI Incorporated obtained all the governmental regulatory approvals to acquire Finisar corporation, setting a closing date for the same.   Source credit: http://investor.finisar.com/news-releases/news-release-details/finisar-presents-industry-first-optical-communication-solutions?_ga=2.214006487.19771030.1569217862-1601271927.1569217862